Assisted Bathing With A Walk in Shower

by Bathtime Mobility on April 25, 2014 Comments Off on Assisted Bathing With A Walk in Shower

If you have mobility needs, but don’t fancy to the idea of soaking in the bathtub, then a walk in shower could be the answer. There are two main types of walk in shower that have been especially designed for ease of access, providing a more comfortable and dignified bathing experience.


Walk In Showers With Low Level Access Shower Trays

Walk in showers with a low level access shower trays are the most common and affordable type of walk in shower. The flat shower tray is the standard way of creating easy access to the shower. With a low access solution, there won’t be any steps or ledges to step over on your way into the shower, helping you to avoid potential trips and falls. Wheelchair access is also made easier with a walk in shower and can be taken into consideration during the design.

Easy access shower cubicles come in a number of different sizes. Most are the size of a bathtub bath, but certain manufacturers offer different sizes depending on need and circumstance. Make sure to browse a variety of different manufactures to find the right walk in shower for you.

The doors of a walk in shower have been designed to open wide for user, meaning you can gain access more easily, when compared a traditional shower cubicle. The option for a shower curtain is available on most easy access showers, along with the option to choose half length or full length doors.

If you feel you could benefit from extra comfort in the shower, there are accessories available including non-slip flooring and shower seats to make bathing that extra bit easier.


Walk In Showers As Part Of A Wet Room

Wet rooms are notable for their ease of access. A wet room is a waterproofed bathroom with a designated shower area. They also include specially integrated drains to avoid flooding. Because of the extensive waterproofing and installation process, a wet room can prove to be more expensive than a walk in shower. They do however offer unrivalled ease of access and benefit from the same accessories – like non-slip floors, shower sheets and safety rails.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a walk in shower are a couple of considerations to take note of:

  1. Your Budget
  2. Your bathing and mobility needs
  3. Your current bathroom and how your walk in shower will fit. Will your bathroom need additional work?
  4. Any extras you will need to increase you comfort

With a walk in shower from Bathtime Mobility you can regain you independence, for a comfortable bathing experience. Call today to find out more on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityAssisted Bathing With A Walk in Shower