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How To Comfortably Read In The Bath | Bathtime Mobility

by Bathtime Mobility on April 15, 2023 No comments

The debate about whether baths or showers are the better bathing solutions has existed for hundreds of years and will likely exist until the end of time.

Ultimately it comes down to whether you want to get clean quickly and thoroughly or let time stand still and embrace an indulgent soak.

There is no right answer unless you want to combine bathing with reading, in which case you really only have one choice. There is no way to avoid getting the pages wet in a shower, after all.

Whilst for some book lovers it can seem reckless to risk getting the pages wet, for others there is no experience as relaxing as soaking up a good book, and thankfully there are ways to do so without ruining your precious pages.

The first step is in your choice of book itself; go for a paperback you don’t mind getting dog-eared or use an e-reader with solid buttons and a waterproof case, depending on your preference. 

Whilst you are unlikely to drop your book in the bath, splashes of water and damp fingertips are a possibility. The best solution for the latter is to have a dedicated “book towel” to hand that lets you dry your hands and pick up the book again. Either that or buy a waterproof version of your book

Alternatively, a wide range of book pouches, page-turners and book caddies are available that can make reading in the bath a far easier and therefore far more rewarding and relaxing endeavour.

As well as this, depending on your bath, use a bath pillow to keep your neck comfortable, especially if you are in the habit of taking long baths. This will stop neck strain and keep your experience as relaxing as possible.

Finally, whilst dropping a book in the bath is obviously a pain, most little splashes or the imprints of wet fingers will simply dry off without a trace.

Bathtime MobilityHow To Comfortably Read In The Bath | Bathtime Mobility