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How To Prevent Falls In The Shower

by Bathtime Mobility on January 18, 2023 No comments

Even with an accessible shower room, accidents can still happen. The shower or bath can become incredibly slippery and cause unexpected slips, trips or falls. Making the shower tray less slippery can help combat this problem and improve safety in the bathroom.

Shower floors are hard and smooth and can become incredibly slippery when wet. This combined with the addition of soaps and shampoos can make it even more hazardous. There is little to no grip on the surface of the floor, giving your feet nothing to hold onto which can cause you to fall. 

Slipping can occur when in the shower, however, falls mainly happen when getting in or out of the shower. This can cause injury or put you in a position that is difficult to get out of, so showering may become difficult for those who are less mobile and unable to support themselves. 

Luckily, there are many different precautions you can take to help make your shower floor less slippery and safer, reducing the risk of falling. 

Having an anti-slip mat in the bottom of the shower can help to reduce the risk of slipping. These are usually made from rubber or silicone and can be easily placed into the shower to help add grip and stop you from falling.

These are also very easy to remove for cleaning and are portable, so you can take them with you when travelling to help ensure any shower or bathtub you use is safe and secure. 

Another option is anti-slip treads that adhere to the bottom of the shower and have a rough surface to help add traction and prevent falls. 

These are a great choicefor those who don’t want to have to remove and clean a shower mat and require a more permanent solution but want it to be less noticeable, as they are barely visible once applied. 

Adding a grab bar or accessibility handle in the shower can help improve your stability when getting in and out of the shower and gives you something to grab onto in the event of a fall to help you get back up again. 

While these don’t prevent the shower from being slippery, they can help give assistance which stops you from falling due to the slippery surface. 

An anti-slip coating is a more permanent option that can help give your shower floor grip and traction. These can be applied by yourself or professionally and are relatively inexpensive. 

However, taking care when cleaning the shower after installation is important as it could cause the coating to lift or peel making it ineffective. Avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners or scrubbing too aggressively to ensure that the coating lasts as long as possible.

Another option is choosing a shower tray that is designed to be anti-slip in the first place when fitting your bathroom. This eliminates the need to employ other measures to ensure the shower is safe and is a permanent and reliable choice. 



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