How To Stay Cool In Summer Using Mobility Bathrooms

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If ever there was a time when having a pleasant bath or shower mattered, it is in spells of hot summer weather. The recent record-breaking heatwave may have passed, but there could be lots more sizzling days to come before the summer of 2022 gives way to autumn.

Of course, those who are mobile and physically active may be the most obviously prolific users of showers and baths; playing summer sports in high temperatures is bound to leave plenty of people not just a bit sweaty, but in need of cooling off with some lovely refreshing water. The chances are the temperature dial will be turned quite low.

However, it is not just the young and fit who will want to cool down. Hot weather can be a reminder of the value of accessible shower rooms, which will enable those who may not have been so active, but who are vulnerable to the heat, to cool off in a very pleasant manner.

Age UK recently issued advice to older people on how to keep themselves cool during the very hot weather, advice that may come in handy again during August.

This covered a broad range of topics, with the risk of sunstroke and sunburn being obvious issues, dealt with by the right food as well as sun cream and a hat.

However, dehydration and excessive body temperature are also concerns, which is why people should drink plenty of fluids. Some of the worst symptoms come from heat exhaustion, for which taking a cool shower was recommended. This will not only cool you down and leave you feeling wonderfully fresh, but it will prevent heatstroke, which is a dangerous condition.

Having a cool shower is not just a response to getting too hot, of course. It can be a very refreshing way of starting the day, especially if it has been a bit sticky overnight. Not only does that help you start the day feeling comfortable, but it is a good way to pre-empt the hot day ahead.

At the same time, a late evening shower to cool you down may also be a good way of helping you sleep through a hot and sticky night. Indeed, this has been commonly advised as one of the best ways to prepare for a hot night, alongside having thin bedclothes, dressing lightly and keeping the window open for ventilation.

Of course, all these benefits can only be enjoyed if you have a bathroom you can access easily. If you need a mobility bathroom, the summer can be as good a time as any to have it fitted.

Come September, the hot weather will be behind us and the season of falling leaves, dropping temperatures and darker nights will be upon us. Beyond that will lie the shivering cold of winter. However, having fitted an accessible bathroom in the summer, you will be well equipped to deal with colder weather with some rather warmer showers in those months.

Bathtime MobilityHow To Stay Cool In Summer Using Mobility Bathrooms