Looking At The Importance Of Bath Lifts

by Bathtime Mobility on February 14, 2014 Comments Off on Looking At The Importance Of Bath Lifts

A bath lift is a form of belt or seat used in the bathrooms of individuals with limited mobility. Helping to maintain their independence whilst taking a bath, a bath lift will enable both the elderly and disabled to get in and out the bath without assistance, mobility permitting.


Why Do You Need A Bath Lift?

A bath lift has the ability to make bathing a pleasure for those with limited mobility. Fitting perfectly into almost any bathtub, they can either be freestanding or mounted to the wall. Thanks to their compact design, a bath lift can be installed in almost any bathroom for improved convenience associated with bathing.

A bath lift is ideal for people in need of extra confidence in the bathroom. Lowering the user slowly in and out of the bath, a bath lift will give them the freedom to bathe without the worry of getting stuck. Safe and simple to operate, bath lifts have a built in safety feature which prevents the unit from lowering the user into the bath, if there isn’t enough charge to lift them back out.

The majority of bath lifts are battery operated and can be easily recharged. Controlled using a hand remote, with clear ‘up’ and’ down’ buttons for lifting in and out the bath. There should be no problems using the controller when wet, or even if the user’s hands and fingers have limited dexterity.

Bath lifts for the elderly and disabled are a bathing solution which provides independence to the user whilst ensuring safety. Regular bathing is not only important for hygiene reasons, but also for relaxation and therapy. Helping to ease aches and pains, a warm bath can benefit those with medical problems such as arthritis. With a reliable bath lift installed, you can provide the user with complete peace of mind and satisfaction. Helping the user to regain their love of bathing, a bath lift can offer comfort and stability whilst bathing.


Stay Safe With Bathtime Mobility

If you are looking to keep your existing bath, but you or the individual you care for struggles getting in and out, a disabled bath lift from Bathtime Mobility is the answer. Cost effective and simple to install, our bath lifts give the user the independence to get into your bath with ease.

At Bathtime Mobility we currently offer the following bath lifts:


  • Relaxa bath lift
  • Molly Bather bath lift
  • Bellavita bath lift

For further information on our range of bath lifts call us today on 0800 29 22 110. One of our expert advisers will be able to help you choose the perfect solution for your bathroom and needs.

Bathtime MobilityLooking At The Importance Of Bath Lifts