How To Make Your Bathroom Easy To Access For Disabled Users

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When renovating or augmenting your easy access bathroom, it is just as important as ever to ensure that it adheres to safety rules and guidelines. This means not only choosing the bath design that is best for limited mobility users, but also keeping an eye on the general safety of your bathroom. We will go through some of the requirements involved in building easy access bathrooms for the disabled and in the process we will also highlight some of the common mistakes and misconceptions that are often made.

Creating An Easy Access Bathroom


  • One of the first points to take into account is the importance of space. This is especially vital when you are thinking of installing an entirely new bathroom in your home. Our walk in bathrooms and showers are a fantastic feature and we are incredibly proud of our contribution. However, customers should be weary that overall space is paramount when providing facilities for the disabled. It is important not to try and overcompensate or sacrifice good-open space when creating a new easy access bathroom; taking into account the size of the bathroom is vital to avoiding this problem. With this in mind, our consultation personnel would be pleased to offer fitting advice before you install your new, easy access bathroom.
  • In conjunction with the previous point, it is equally important to make sure that you optimize the space available; this means installing the bathroom and toilet in close and accessible positions. A good floor-plan is a great way to improve the safety of your bathroom setup- making it a much efficient place in process.

Improving General Safety


  • In addition to the support bars (fixtures) and bath lifts that can improve your bathroom’s accessibility, there is still more that can be done to improve safety. On installing your easy access features, maintaining a good general safety remains as valuable as ever. This includes making sure hazardous and slippery objects such as soap or shower gel are kept well in check, making sure the floor is dry and looking after the overall cleanliness of your bathroom. Water is the main culprit responsible for making the bathroom a hazardous place for the disabled, so keeping a good eye on any spillage before and after use is helpful.
  • It is useful to keep in mind that manoeuvring to and from the bathroom can be taxing for those with limited mobility, so keeping an eye on bathroom conditions is especially important.


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Bathtime MobilityHow To Make Your Bathroom Easy To Access For Disabled Users

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