The Importance Of A Great Morning Routine

by Bathtime Mobility on March 30, 2016 Comments Off on The Importance Of A Great Morning Routine

Having a great morning routine can really help improve your physical and mental well-being throughout the next 24 hours. This can be essential if you suffer from any kind of physical impairment, and help reduce the strain on your body throughout the day. 

Establishing a good morning routine can:

  • Support muscle and mental relaxation and lower daily stress
  • Help you to develop a clearer and sharper mind throughout the day
  • Allow you to accomplish more throughout the day
  • Provide more energy when you need it most
  • Encourage you to be not only healthier, but also happier
  • Support long-term success & well-being

Whereas a bad morning routine will:

  • Lead you to make poor decision throughout the day
  • Set you up for a stressful day
  • Create unhealthy eating habits
  • Provide less energy and more apathy/lethargy
  • Increase anxiety & depression
  • Provide no long-term benefits

What Makes A Great Morning Routine?

You’ll probably be familiar with the building blocks of a good morning routine, but here’s a reminder just in case:

  • Wake Up Early – Although it can be one of the greatest pleasures in life to have a lie-in, waking up early can still be one of the best ways to start a day off well. Ignore the snooze button and, instead, make sure you’re up and active with the sunrise.
  • Exercise – It’s already a common element of many people’s morning routines, but exercise really can be the major foundation of a great day. Exercise can provide a boost in mental activity that lasts from anywhere between 4 and 10 hours. Exercise in the morning can also boost your metabolism throughout the day, leading to a more effective diet.
  • Drink Water – Most of us can’t function without our morning tea or coffee, but drinking water as soon as you wake up has numerous health benefits, including the removal of lethargy soon after waking.
  • Reading – The most successful people always set time aside soon after waking for some relaxing reading. Reading can help to keep you entertained and mentally active, and is a great way to help yourself wake up.

Adding an invigorating shower to your routine really helps to wake you up and get you ready for the day.  A walk-in shower is the perfect option if your mobility isn’t what it used to be and helps reduce stress and strain when entering and exiting the shower.  If your bathroom is a little pressed for space, it can even contribute to making your bathroom look less constrictive, and more open and inviting. Your shower or bath is an essential part of your routine, and you need to make sure you feel completely comfortable if you want to make the most out of your day.

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Bathtime MobilityThe Importance Of A Great Morning Routine