The Best Rules For Shared Bathroom Etiquette

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Whether you live with your family, housemates or significant other, following a few rules of bathroom etiquette will build a harmonious household and reduce arguments over who left wet towels on the floor, hogged the hot water or fiddled with shower settings.

4 Rules For Creating Shared Bathroom Harmony


  • Create A Bathroom Schedule – We’re not saying you need to inscribe a timetable in stone and hang it beside the door, but if there’s a regular fight for the bathroom in the mornings, then it’s well worth figuring out who gets to use the bathroom when. If you’ve ever found yourself anxiously waiting outside the bathroom door, you’ll know how essential a rough schedule can be to household harmony.
  • Always Leave Plenty Of Hot Water – If you’re always the last person in the bathroom in the morning, then it’s likely you’ll have experienced the invigorating experience of a freezing cold shower! Not only is it horrible at the time, it sets a chill on your bones that you just can’t shake for the rest of the day. Keep your showers, shaves and anything else short and snappy.  Turn off the hot water taps when you’re not using them so all that hot water isn’t lost down the drain. It might also be worth checking the timer settings on your boiler to make sure it’s heating sufficient hot water for all of the family’s schedule.
  • Always Clean Up After Yourself – This is one of the most important rules. Nobody likes to clean their bathroom but, for the sake of your health (and your sanity) it’s a necessary evil. Bathrooms are extremely prone to dirt, grime and soapy build up with common causes of complaint including remnants of toothpaste left in the basin, hair clogging up the plughole, and towels and dirty laundry being festooned around the bathroom. The more people there are using a bathroom, the worse it is likely to get.  By cleaning up after yourself, you help the next person’s morning get off to a great start (and encourage them to leave it in the same state they found it).  If your bathroom has a portable or removable bath lift, remember to move it out of the way for the next user if they don’t need to use it.
  • Use Your Bath Mat! – If you don’t use your bath mat properly, then you’ll be leaving a wet and potentially dangerous floor behind. Even if the next user doesn’t slip or fall, having to navigate puddles all over the floor is never a pleasant experience. 

Bathtime MobilityThe Best Rules For Shared Bathroom Etiquette