Make The Most of Your Small Bathroom With These Handy Hints!

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Typically, your bathroom will be the smallest room in your house, ignoring any utility cupboards or pantries you might have. Considering the amount of time we spend in them, particularly with regards to showering and bathing, we really should start using larger spaces for our bathrooms.

But, for many people, a palatial bathroom just isn’t an option. As such, an overly small bathroom space leaves a negative impact on their quality of life. Capitalising on every inch is a necessity in a small-bathroom space. As such, features such walk-in baths are essential to optimising available bathroom space.

Handy Hints To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom!

  • Make The Most Of your Space With A Simple Colour Palette – You may not think that it has that big an effect on the size of your room, but by choosing a muted and simple colour palette for your bathroom’s decor, you can avoid the cluttered, busy look which can make rooms look smaller.

    Neutral or colder colours can not only make your bathroom look bigger, but can also help to create the relaxing atmosphere you need in order to enjoy your bathing experience as much as possible.

  • Improve Your Space With A Walk-In Bath – Walk-In Baths are incredibly useful when making the most of your small bathroom space as they allow easy access into the bathtub. The main concern for the design of walk-in baths is safety and ease of use; particularly in small bathrooms they can be much easier to enter and exit than traditional bathtubs. Many designs include a built-in seat, taking up less space than a full-length tub, which takes up a great deal of room in other bathroom designs.
  • Downsize Non-Essential Features And Find Creative Or Alternative, Storage – Downsize everything from the toilet to the bath. Instead of a vanity-style sink, for example, which often comes with a large storage cupboard attached, make the most of pedestal style sinks which can free up to half as much space.

    Whilst trying to keep your bathroom free of useless clutter, consider creative spaces which you might never have used before. This can include the space above the doorway for the storage of bath salts or gels, or using the window-sill as a main storage area.

  • Consider Your Lighting Solution – Using LED downlights or panels in place of fluorescent lighting can help to make your room feel larger and contribute to the relaxing atmosphere you are trying to create.

    Making the most of dimmer switches can also help to make your bathroom feel much larger and, as a result, much more inviting.

  • Only Use Simple Tiling Designs – Just as complicated colour palettes can make a room feel smaller, decorative tiles can make a room feel much more claustrophobic and complicated. Large, simple tiles work to provide a calming atmosphere and can trick the eye into believing it is in a bigger space than it is.
  • Choose An Effective Position For Your Mirror – Bouncing light off a mirror can make your room appear larger, but considering what your mirror is aimed at, particularly when you’re sat in your walk-in bath, can have a lasting effect on the room as a whole.

    Aiming your mirror towards the window, for example, can add visual interest to the room when you’re in the shower and make the room feel much larger than it is.

Make The Most Of Your Bathroom, With Bathtime Mobility!

No matter how small your bathroom is, by making the most of clever mirror placement, a neutral colour scheme and the incredible walk-in baths we offer at Bathroom Mobility, along with other features, you can turn your small bathroom into a relaxing, spacious and safe atmosphere.

For more information, visit our website or call us on 0800 292 2110 to arrange a viewing of our stunning showroom in Henley on Thames, featuring our very best designs and walk-in bath solutions.

Bathtime MobilityMake The Most of Your Small Bathroom With These Handy Hints!