How Can You Make Easy Access Bathrooms Even Safer?

by Bathtime Mobility on January 19, 2015 Comments Off on How Can You Make Easy Access Bathrooms Even Safer?

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in your home and, particularly as we grow older, our ability to safely navigate becomes impaired and the wet, slippery environment of the bathroom can be an area of the house we will dread to enter. Bathing should be one of the most relaxing of experiences. It’s important that our home is perfectly designed to provide a safe and calming environment.

Easy access bathrooms are a fantastic way of encouraging the overall safety of our home but the bathroom can be made even safer with the addition of a few other features. It can only take one slip or stumble to cause irreparable damage to your body. You cannot afford to cut corners or take chances when it comes to ensuring your safety in your own home.

Safety In Easy Access Bathrooms

When considering the safety requirements of your bathroom, there are a wide range of products and additional features which you need to take advantage of to create a safe environment.

Making the most of an easy access bathroom solution is the first and largest step. By supplying yourself with a walk-in bath you can avoid the dangerous and uncomfortable experience of climbing into a tub. In addition to improving the safety of the bathroom, many easy-access baths actually encourage blood circulation and soothe your muscles and joints, contributing to relief from arthritis and issues relating to circulation including type 2 diabetes.

Failing a walk-in bathtub, a bath lift is the next best thing. These features come in a wide range of styles and designs. You are sure to find a comfortable solution to improving the security of easy access bathrooms, without having to sacrifice independence.

Of course, ensuring that your bathroom is a safe environment does not rely solely on the addition of a walk-in bath or a bath lift. These only make the act of entering and exiting the bath that much easier.

Most bathroom injuries are as a direct result of falling or stumbling. As such, providing adequately positioned hand-grips to the wall in areas where you are most likely to slip, such as the shower or the bathtub, can make a massive difference to the security of your bathroom.

Covering slippery surfaces, such as the shower/bathtub floor and even the immediate area around the bath, with non-slip stickers or mats can provide you with a stable base to place your weight on whilst entering or leaving the bath/shower.

Placing similar stickers on other slippery areas, such as the rim of the sink/bath tub, and ensuring that your recently-installed hand-grips are not simply metal bars but, instead, offer a rubber grip, can provide even more places to grip in the event of a stumble.

Make Sure That Your Bathroom Is As Safe An Environment As Possible – With Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we specialise in creating easy-access bathrooms and then optimising these rooms to be as safe and secure as possible, without ruining the relaxing atmosphere such rooms need to possess. We pride ourselves on helping hundreds of people to increase their bathroom safety, and have a long line of satisfied customers to act as a testament to the experience we have gained.

For more information regarding ways in which you can make your easy access bathroom more secure than ever, or to convert your existing bathroom into an accessible bathing area call us on 0800 292 2110, and arrange a viewing for our wide range of walk-in baths and bathroom safety features located in Henley on Thames, or visit our website!

Bathtime MobilityHow Can You Make Easy Access Bathrooms Even Safer?