What Do You Need To Know About Bath lifts For The Elderly?

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When bathing independently becomes difficult, what should be a relaxing part of your day can be very stressful. At Bathtime Mobility, we understand being unable to bathe without the help of someone else providing assistance can affect  a person’s self-esteem, as everyone deserves a right to privacy in the bathroom. Bath lifts for the elderly offer the perfect solution, and to make sure you make an informed decision we’ve answered some of the most common burning questions about bath lifts.

Everything You Need To Know About Bath Lifts for The Elderly

What is a bath lift? Bath lifts for the elderly are a safer and more convenient way for those with mobility issues to enter and exit their bath. They’re battery powered and are operated using hand controls which are safe to use in water. The seats are anti-slip so there’s no risk of slipping off.

How do they work? – At Bathtime Mobility, we have different types of bath lifts suited for different needs so there are some differences between lifts. However, all our solutions are battery powered for convenience and control. They come with rechargeable batteries too, which you simply insert and the lift is ready to use.

What are the different types of bath lifts? – Our bath lifts include solutions which can be installed in almost any bath so you don’t have to change bath tubs. These come in two distinct varieties; one is the Bellavita which has a seat with a back rest. The others are the Molly Bather and Relaxa lifts which use an anti-slip belt seat. The Molly Bather even includes a stool to allow users to swivel comfortably onto the belt.

What are walk-in baths and power baths? – For people who are unable to use our easily installed lifts, we also sell walk-in baths and power baths. Some models come with lifting seats for anyone who needs help not only to get in and out of the bath, but over the side, too. A power bath can be a perfect solution for wheel chair users who need an easy transfer from chair to bath.

How are they installed? – At Bathtime Mobility, we discuss every detail during our free assessment and installation survey to ensure all your needs are met. Once the product and materials are together, we can commence installation. Before we begin we discuss all the details again and make any last minute changes you may require. We can accommodate your access to toilet and bathroom facilities during the installation and we’ll clean up any waste. Once installation is complete, our professionals will give you a run through of how the bath lift works.

Bathe With Confidence With Bath Lifts For The Elderly From Bathtime Mobility.

At Bathtime Mobility, we only sell bath lifts for the elderly and disabled which have been rigorously tested to meet professional health and safety standards. With our solutions you can continue to enjoy a relaxing bath time.

To find the ideal bath lift for you, arrange to visit our showroom or give us a call on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityWhat Do You Need To Know About Bath lifts For The Elderly?