Everything You Ever Needed To Know About A Walk In Shower

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One of the safest solutions for a disabled bathroom is a walk in shower. These have been designed for the convenience and safety of disabled and elderly people who otherwise struggle accessing regular showers. At Bathtime Mobility, we have a range of solutions which can be catered to your needs.

The Ins And Outs Of A Walk In Shower

Unlike walk in baths, there is no set solution for a walk in shower. Instead, we discuss all your needs and help you choose a combination of features so you can safely enjoy showering. All our features are designed so you can shower in comfort and enjoy your independence.

How They Can Help – Accessible showers can be installed into almost any bathroom and can be used by anyone; able bodied or otherwise. They can easily be fitted in place of your current bath or shower, or as part of a completely new bathroom suite. They can eradicate the risk of falling over any ledges and slipping on floors. Being able to shower or bathe independently and in privacy is also good for your own well being.

Benefits – Walk in showers are a great option for those who don’t want to change their bathroom too dramatically or affect its use for anyone else. They’re no longer an eye-sore, either. Modern designs are built for safety and luxury to fit in with any contemporary bathroom. They’re easier to access thanks to the lower step and incorporate an anti-slip surface to prevent accidents. You will save a lot of time and effort cleaning because walk in showers are much easier to maintain than conventional baths and showers.

Features Of Walk In Showers

There are over 100 different combinations available here at Bathtime Mobility for disabled showers, and here are a few of some key features you need to include.

Low Access Shower Tray – We have a collection of low access shower trays which are ideal for disabled showers. Our steps start as low as 40mm so there’s no risk of accidental trips or falls.

Shower Seats – If you suffer from any joint issues, then standing in the shower may not be an option. That’s why many of our disabled showers include a seat for more comfort. These include fold up seats, corner seats and adjustable seats depending on your needs.

Doors – Walk in showers can come with wide-opening doors for easier access. There is also a choice between half-height, full-height doors, stable doors or made to measure doors. Half-height doors make it easier for those who require help from carers.

Grab Rails – These are a must for making bathrooms safer for the elderly and disabled. They come in handy in the case of a fall so you have something to reach for, or as a way to maintain balance in the shower.

For The Perfect Walk In Shower Solution Call Bathtime Mobility

To keep your independence in the bathroom, find your ideal walk in shower solution here at Bathtime Mobility. Call us today and arrange to visit our showroom on 0800 29 22 110.

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