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Not All Shower Trays Are Suitable For A Mobility Bathroom

by Bathtime Mobility on June 8, 2017 No comments

When installing a new shower in a bathroom for a person who has mobility difficulties, it is essential to ensure the shower tray is fit for purpose. A mobility bathing specialist, like Bathtime Mobility, already understands this requirement and only uses shower trays designed specifically for the mobility bathing market.

These special types of shower trays are more expensive than the type of shower tray available from a plumbing merchant, but are much more suitable for the requirements of the person using the shower. A recent call from a customer illustrates how cutting corners on a cheaper shower tray can result in unfortunate accidents and money down the drain.

The customer had engaged the services of a local plumber to fit a new low level shower tray which they would use with a free standing shower stool. This option is tempting as the cost will be less than a mobility bathroom specialist. However, many “standard” plumbers approach the job with no experience or expertise in the mobility bathing market which can lead to mistakes.

Whilst we believe this particular plumber acted in good faith and with all best intentions, he also acted within the limits of his knowledge. The shower tray used for the job turned out to be of low quality. It was suitable for a standard bathroom, but too flimsy for use as a mobility shower as it was insufficient to support the weight of the shower stool.

fold up wooden seatShower stools in particular can be hazardous in a cheap, low quality shower tray as the user’s weight is distributed over the four points of contact the shower stool makes with the shower tray. In this case the shower stool punctured the shower tray after only a few months of regular use, rendering the whole bathroom set-up unusable and a waste of money.

This example is a perfect illustration of why you should engage the services of a mobility specialist when having a mobility shower tray fitted. In addition to extra strength the shower tray will have anti-slip properties and benefit from an antibacterial coating.

For more information and help with installing a mobility shower please feel free to call Bathtime Mobility on 01491 411 041 or send us an enquiry.

Bathtime MobilityNot All Shower Trays Are Suitable For A Mobility Bathroom

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