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Renovating A London Home To Create A Disability-Friendly Space

by Bathtime Mobility on December 23, 2015 Comments Off on Renovating A London Home To Create A Disability-Friendly Space

Whether you are a disabled person or you are caring for a person with a disability of any kind, you’ll know how important it is to ensure that your home is properly equipped to deal with specific requirements.

The only real problem is that many builders, particularly for older homes, didn’t consider these issues and so many homes in London are ill-equipped to deal with the needs of a disabled person. There is a diverse range of things that you can do the make sure that your home environment is suitable for a disabled user, including the installation of stair lifts and disabled bathrooms in London.

It can often be difficult to prioritise certain areas of your home to improve your quality of living. Here at Bathtime Mobility, we have compiled a list of some of the most important areas of your home to renovate in order to create a suitable living environment in the capital.

Renovate Your Home To Include Disabled Life Quality!


  • Entrances – For many disabled people, simply entering and exiting the home can be a difficult chore. If you’re lucky enough to have a driveway, make sure that it is smoothly paved, rather than composed of loose, unsteady materials.

    If your doorway is stepped, install a ramp if you haven’t done so already. It can also be useful to widen the doorway itself, or attach sturdy handholds beside the door, to offer a little extra support when entering or exiting your home.

  • Hallways – Hallways need to be wide enough to allow easy wheel-chair access; even if you aren’t wheelchair-bound, this can dramatically improve your safety and give you the opportunity to easily navigate your home in comfort. Make sure, too, that your lighting is reasonably bright, comfortable on the eye and simple to operate so that you aren’t left struggling to find the switch in the dark. Switches at every point, or the most commonly-used ones at the least, can really improve your home’s safety.
  • Bathrooms Disabled bathrooms in London are one of the most important areas when it comes to renovation. A house with multiple floors can really be a hindrance to a disabled user, so if possible try to have a bathroom on every floor. Whilst you can install devices to help you tackle your stairway, the speed and convenience of multiple bathrooms is hugely beneficial to users of all physical capabilities.

    Where possible, choose to install a bathroom with minimal clutter and complete optimisation of space. This can drastically reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom, which is often one of the most dangerous areas of the home. By converting the space into a wet room, or by installing disabled showers/walk-in baths, you can really improve your available space to more effectively meet your specific requirements.

  • Kitchen – Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home. By ensuring that your kitchen is designed to meet your specific needs, you can hugely improve your quality of life. It is often worth lowering all worktops and installing a lowered sink, although if you have issues bending over this can be a problem.

    Remember to approach any renovation with your own specific needs in mind, and don’t just follow advice that you’ve read on the internet!

  • Staircases – Ideally, you’ll be living in a bungalow, but with the lack of available space in London, that is becoming less and less likely all the time. The main problem for many disabled homeowners tends to be the staircase, but there is a range of solutions for this as well. The most common, and most reliable, solution is the installation of a stair lift, which will easily be able to help you access multiple floors in comfort, without interfering with anyone else’s use of the stairway.

Complete Renovation Projects And Disabled Bathrooms In London

Ensuring that your disabled bathroom in London is a safe and comfortable environment, which is easily accessible, is extremely important when it comes to maintaining your independence in your own home. Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are proud to offer comprehensive bathroom solutions to help you enjoy the ideal disabled bathrooms in London for your requirements.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bathtime Mobility today on 0800 29 22 110, and talk to our team of dedicated disability bathrooms specialists today!

Bathtime MobilityRenovating A London Home To Create A Disability-Friendly Space