Simple Ways To Make A Bathroom Feel More Luxurious And Cosy

by Bathtime Mobility on March 4, 2023 No comments

Spring cleaning season is underway, and with that time of the year comes the temptation to splash out on a major renovation of your bathroom to get a luxury spa experience complete with accessible bath solutions for every need.

However, whilst it is always worth investing in improvements that give peace of mind and make life easier, it does not take as many substantial changes as you might think.

In fact, a beautiful five-star bathroom experience could be just a few simple steps away.


  • Add A New Statement Mirror

We underestimate just how important the mirror is for making our bathrooms look spacious and airy, despite often being the smallest room of the house and inherently filled with fixtures and furniture we cannot move without the help of a plumber.

Exactly what mirror you should get depends on your bathroom, with practical mirror cupboards, back-lit mirrors and decadent round mirrors all having a place in your bathroom.

The golden room is to have your mirror facing parallel to the window, as this gives the light a chance to reflect around the room, brightening it up in the process.


  • A Matching Set Of Accessories

We have a lot of accessories in our bathroom, including towel racks, toothbrush holders, bins, soap dispensers and toiler butlers. They are the unsung heroes of our bathroom and if they coordinate with the rest of the bathroom’s style can make the room feel especially elegant.


  • Use Towels And Dressing Gowns As An Accent

Given that we often have towels resting on a rack and dressing gowns hung near the door, we often do not take advantage of how they can be used to make our spaces look more luxurious.

Treat yourself to a new set of towels in a suitably indulgent accent colour and hang them up for an immediate change and a much cosier look.

Bathtime MobilitySimple Ways To Make A Bathroom Feel More Luxurious And Cosy