Where To Start With Your Accessible Bathroom Design?

by Bathtime Mobility on January 27, 2016 Comments Off on Where To Start With Your Accessible Bathroom Design?

Finally taking the leap to improving your life with the very latest in accessible bathroomss can be an extremely exciting time. Your decisions can add value to your home and give you years of relaxation and comfort that will make your life a little easier.

It can, however, be extremely difficult to know where to start. There are so many different options available, in terms of colour combinations and bathroom features that you may find youself a little overwhelmed.

Taking a long time to consider the various aspects of the bathroom can really put the entire project on hold, so you need to be sure of the direction you’re heading at the outset.

Where To Start With Mobility-Conscious Bathroom Design?

Although it can look like easy from the outside, bathroom design is not an easy process. The two main concerns need to be your own comfort and safety. You need to select the very best features for your own specific requirements, including disabled showers, accessible toilet units and comfortable heights for items like sink basins.

It is best to keep designs as simple as possible, to limit the amount of clutter or blockages which might have an impact on your day-to-day usage of the bathroom space. Avoid sharp angles or objects which might cause damage to the user further down the line, particularly in the event of a slip or fall.

The Major Features Of Your Bathroom

The Sink

Placing a sink at a comfortable level is a must, but what if this level changes over time? There are a diverse range of sinks which can be adjusted based on the user’s preferences, and this can often be the best solution to allow dynamic repositioning over the years, as the user’s mobility level continues to change.

For wheelchair users, it is usually best to choose a sink which is installed at a height of around 32 inches high, and provides ample space beneath.


For most mobility-conscious users there is a diverse range of alternative shower options available, including level-access disabled showers. The major issues with traditional alternatives is that they require a high-level of ground clearance; however, disabled showers sit flush with the floor, allowing easy entry and exit for the least mobile user.

There are even wide-opening, roll-in showers available. As wheelchairs are usually made of stainless steel, they are water-resistant and can be comfortably taken into the shower as well. When combined with shower seating and wall handles, you can easily improve the safety of your bathroom as well as making it a generally more comfortable place to be.

Comfortable Toilets For The Physically Impaired

A higher toilet seat, typically standing at around 18 inches, is much easier for the mobility-impaired person to use. Grab handles installed nearby can really help a person to lift themselves up and comfortably lower themselves into a sitting position. It is important to consider the specific needs of the user in question, including their own limitations on height, flexibility and ground clearance.

Create The Perfect Accessible Bathroom, With Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are proud to offer a diverse range of disabled showers and other mobility-focused features to create the accessible bathroom of your dreams. For more information, including advice on the very best and latest features to meet your specific requirements, get in touch with our team today on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityWhere To Start With Your Accessible Bathroom Design?