4 Great Tips To Brighten Your Dark Bathroom!

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A lot of bathrooms have been built without windows, or have been deliberately designed to limit the amount of natural light that can enter a bathroom. Unfortunately, this has left a lot of bathrooms in the dark, and has led to a whole host of bathrooms which are just unpleasant to spend time in.


You need to ensure that your entire bathroom meets your needs, either aesthetically by brightening up your dark bathroom, or practically by including the best mobility aids within your design such as a comfortable and safe bath lift.


The Problem With Dark Bathrooms


Darker bathrooms suffer from two major issues; they are often unpleasant to spend time in and they can be potentially dangerous to anyone suffering from limited mobility or eyesight. In these circumstances, a single source of lighting will never be enough to overcome the room’s design, and can make the area even more unpleasant to spend time in.


Overcome Your Dark Bathroom, With These 4 Tips!


  1. Scattered Lighting – Instead of one light source, which can often cause shadows to spread around your room and make it look much smaller and more constricting. Instead, take advantage of more frequent, weaker sources of light. These can remove shadows and create a bright and airy atmosphere within even the smallest bathroom.

    You can start by spreading LED downlights across the ceiling, but there are other solutions to complement this. Wall lights, or a mirrored cabinet, can really be a great way to spread the light around your room and turn even the darkest bathroom into a pleasant place to be.


  1. Clever Use Of Mirrors – Whilst we’re on the subject, mirrors can be a really simple and truly effective way of increasing the brightness of your room. A small trick that can really work wonders is to choose a mirror with a small frame around it. This can really help to increase the impact the feature has on the room.

    Illuminated mirrors are a great idea, and can easily help to enhance the lighting in your room.


  1. Tiling – Glossy or mosaic tiles are great when it comes to providing a little character and definition to your dark bathroom. They can help light to diffuse around a room more effectively and are also an excellent means of introducing colour into your otherwise neutral bathroom design.

    These tiles can go on the walls, the floors or even both depending on the effect that you want to achieve.


  1. The Right Light Bulb – Choosing a great light bulb can be the basis for your bathroom’s lighting. Energy-saving bulbs like LEDs are more energy-efficient and more natural looking than incandescent. You should also think about what colour you’re going to go for as well, as there is a wide range of colours which you can easily use to complement your overall bathroom design.


Dark Bathrooms And Your Safety


Dark bathrooms are often home to a range of potential trip hazards and sharp corners which can really be dangerous if you suffer from reduced mobility or eyesight. To create a truly effective bathroom, you need to ensure that it meets your mobility requirements as well as any aesthetic preferences that you have.


Bath lifts are a great solution when it comes to reducing the risk of a trip, fall or slip, and can make all kinds of bathrooms that much safer when getting in or out of your bathtub.


Choose Bathtime Mobility For Reliable Bath Lifts!


Here at Bathtime Mobility, we are able to provide a diverse range of bath lifts for a variety of different bathroom environments. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today on 03300 882 237.

Bathtime Mobility4 Great Tips To Brighten Your Dark Bathroom!