The Ins And Outs Of Disability Bathroom Design

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Redecorating a bathroom requires a lot of planning, but disability bathroom design needs a lot more consideration. Not only do you want a great looking bathroom, but you need an easy access solution which optimises space and includes all the right features so you can use your bathroom safely.

Disability Bathroom Design FAQs

It is difficult to know where to start with any bathroom redecoration, but there are many other elements to consider for disabled bathroom designs. To help, we have answered some frequently asked questions regarding disability bathroom design.

What Is Disability Bathroom Design? – Designing disability bathrooms includes assessments of the needs of individuals and family members, as well as the available space to produce an optimised bathroom solution. At Bathtime Mobility, we offer assessments free of charge and will cover every detail.

Why Is Space So Important In Disabled Bathrooms? – Having enough space for manoeuvrability and easy access is in fact the number one priority in disabled bathroom designs. Our consultation personnel offer fitting advice before installation starts to ensure your design is perfect.

What Other Features Need To Be Considered? – Regular features involved in disability bathroom design include grab bars, baths and showers, doorways, switches and taps. Grab rails are a necessity to make balance and moving around easier. They can be fitted onto any wall and in showers. Disabled baths and showers include a range of walk in solutions for easy access. Doorways need to be wider for wheelchair users and should open outwards and include lever handles. Switches and taps should be at a lower, comfortable level so anyone can use them so there is no over-reaching.

What Is A Wet Room? – Wet rooms are a great alternative to traditional bathrooms and can help utilise space. They are completely waterproof, low maintenance and come with a number of disabled safety features. As well as grab rails, chairs and other fixtures, floors can be fitted with anti-slip surface. If you have the space, then wet rooms are perfect to create an easy access, open plan bathroom.

What Is The Installation Process? – We offer a free assessment and installation survey so every detail is planned to ensure you get the perfect solution. We advise on any electrical, plumbing or minor building work which may be required. The designs are then drawn up and priced. When our qualified installers arrive, they will discuss every detail with you before installation begins. Any waste will be cleared as part of the process and our installers will perform a demonstration of all products.

Disability Bathroom Design From Bathtime Mobility

At Bathtime Mobility, you can choose from a huge range of bathroom and safety features for the perfect disability bathroom design. We will help you consider every detail so your new bathroom is safe and stylish.

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Bathtime MobilityThe Ins And Outs Of Disability Bathroom Design