What Is a Wet Room

by Bathtime Mobility on September 30, 2014 Comments Off on What Is a Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming more popular because they can add value to your home but also because they make great easy access bathrooms. Before you decide on installing a wet room in your home, you need to know exactly what a wet room is and the features that they have.  Here is what you can expect from a wet room.

What Is A Wet Room?

Wet rooms are different to traditional bathrooms because instead of having a smaller, enclosed space for your shower, the room itself acts as the shower cubicle. In many instances the entire space becomes an open, fully tiled or anti slip flooring shower area in order to make the room water proof. A drain is also installed and there is sometimes a slight slope to deal with water.

What Are The Advantages of Wet Rooms?

With proper installation, including tiles which are waterproof and anti-slip, a wet room will last much longer than a standard bathroom. They are also very low maintenance and easy to clean. The easy access bathroom also makes it safe and therefore perfect for elderly or disabled users. The open plan room will also transform your old bathroom into a modern one, which will add value to your home while making it more accessible for you.

Will A Wet Room Be Suitable For My Needs?

Wet Rooms can be personalised to suit your needs in a variety of ways, which is another major advantage. At Bathtime Mobility, we can create a disabled wet room with either a sit down or stand-up shower. Instead of being completely covered in tiles, we can offer to finish floors with anti-slip vinyl to improve safety. Grab rails and a pull down shower head are also easy to add, and the floor can also be made level rather than sloped.

Will My Bathroom Be Suitable?

If you have a small bathroom, then converting it into a wet room is still possible but you will need to consider certain features to make it suitable. Glass shower screens will be needed to prevent splashing into other areas of the bathroom. Disability access screens, half height doors, and full glass enclosures are all available with Bathtime Mobility.

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we have specialised in the installation of disabled bathrooms and shower rooms for many years. Our installers have fitted hundreds of walk in bathrooms, disabled shower rooms and wet rooms all over the UK. We will advise on any plumbing, electrical, tile and small building works which may be required.

If you’re looking for independent advice then you can visit our walk in bath and shower room showroom in Henley on Thames, or call us on 0800 29 22 110.

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