The Most Unusual Bath And Shower Arrangements Money Can Buy

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When people consider adding a unique look or feature to a room, they usually are not talking about the most functional room in their house.

Bathrooms are designed to be as easy to get in, wash and get out as possible, with a range of accessible bathrooms that are tailored for every person’s individual needs, featuring walk-in shower rooms, sit down baths and many other types of accessible wet room.

However, whilst there are many ways to have a usual bathroom, there is a surprising abundance of bizarre bath and shower accessories, features and layouts that range from inspired developments to truly bizarre gimmicks.

With that in mind, here are some of the most unusual baths and showers money can buy.



Whilst the debate between showers and baths will likely continue until the end of time itself, one issue that many people who enjoy showers have to deal with is the difficulty in keeping warm afterwards, with the first step out of the hot mist of a shower being particularly stark and unpleasant.

Shin-On a Japanese crowdfunded shower head attachment, aims to replicate the sensation and warmth of a bath by pouring water onto the neck and shoulders, creating a thicker shower mist that the creators claim emulates the sensation of being in a bath.

It apparently also uses less than a quarter of the water used in an average bath, making it a potential water-saving solution if it ever leaves Japan.


The Irish Spring Gamer Shower

More of a gaming hot tub than a gaming shower, but shower gel manufacturer Irish Spring’s April Fools Joke developed a life of its own when they actually built and tested a bath designed for the Twitch-connected people in your life.

It came with a gaming chair, three video game monitors and a giant bottle of body wash, which was tested by video game content creator FaZe Santana, a member of esports organisation FaZe Clan.


Horizontal/Vertical Showers

Possibly the oddest showers ever made, however, horizontal and vertical showers try to combine the relaxed nature of lying down in a bath with the intense clean of a shower.

However, in practice, a horizontal shower more closely resembles a car wash than it does either a bath or a shower, as the five jets of water wash over your body.

The opposite of this, the vertical jet shower, is even more like this, with water jets fired from multiple streams on the side that aim to massage and wash your body from all angles.


Circular Showers

More commonly seen outside, circular showers consist of a plastic ring onto which showerheads and water jets are fitted at a range of angles.

Whilst not terribly useful or economical as a way to wash yourself every day, they can be a lot of fun to have in your garden during particularly hot summer days.


The Bath Bucket

The Shin-On is not the only way to bring the bath experience to a shower, as there is a range of folding baths that can be placed under a shower to turn it into a particularly inefficient bath.

Bathtime MobilityThe Most Unusual Bath And Shower Arrangements Money Can Buy