Tips For Improving Bathroom Storage

by Bathtime Mobility on November 25, 2022 No comments

While many people might like the minimalistic look, keeping the number of bathroom products down can be incredibly tricky, particularly in a family washroom. That is why clever storage solutions are so important, particularly if you don’t want all your toiletries or loofers on show. 

Here are some storage tips for your bathroom:

  • Furniture packs

Instead of buying separate appliances and modular furniture, you could buy a furniture pack, which has the sink and toilet built in and comes with some cupboards attached. 

This makes sure you utilise all the available space in the room, not leaving any gaps on the wall. By having a few cupboards, you will be able to find somewhere to store your towels, toiletries, make-up, medicines, and sun creams without them cluttering up other areas of the house or the shower tray. 

  • Disguised laundry baskets

After designing your bathroom, something you might forget to find space for is a laundry basket. So why not buy furniture with one built in? This ensures it is always hidden from view, while it also does not take up any extra floor space. 

  • Stylish shower caddies

It is important to have what you need for a shower to hand, particularly if you have mobility problems, so fit a sizeable shower basket on to the wall of the shower. If you share the shower with other people, it is worth having at least two levels, so everyone has enough room for their own products. 

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Bathtime MobilityTips For Improving Bathroom Storage