The Truth About Walk-In Showers

by Bathtime Mobility on June 11, 2015 Comments Off on The Truth About Walk-In Showers

As the range of bathing solutions, for both the physically fit and the physically impaired, continues to expand, so too does the bather’s difficulty in deciding the perfect bathing or showering solution for them. With that in mind, here at Bathtime Mobility, we have decided to share with you the ultimate truth about our walk-in showers.

Walk-In Showers – Just What Are They?

As you might be able to guess from the name, these are designs of showers that do not have a high lip for the shower tray. Instead, they can sit flush with the floor, offer a very limited lip, or even be slightly recessed into the floor itself. Typically, these showers are built up and onto a low tray, and then enwrapped by a glass screen.

There are dozens of walk-in shower designs available, and each one offers individual advantages and benefits, along with endless options for further customisation; including size, style, fixtures and features.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Walk-In Showers?

Walk-in designs have many advantages over traditional, or alternate, showering solutions, including a space-saving option whereby most designs are fitted into the corner of a room – this means that the rest of your bathroom space is free for other features.
A walk-in shower is perfect for those who take their bathing seriously. They can fit in, or even replace, your existing bath to offer you a much speedier, much easier bathing solution. A walk-in shower is also much easier to clean than any alternatives, as they typically feature less recessed or moving parts which can drastically reduce the accumulation of mould, or the build-up of soap and shampoo-related grime.

These contemporary designs are also much safer than traditional styles. Thanks to the lack of the extremely high-lip, which has proven to be one of the most dangerous features of the bathroom. When combined with inward-folding doors, a walk-in shower combines the effectiveness of traditional shower designs, with all the ease of contemporary innovation – all without having to sacrifice style!

Choose Bathtime Mobility, For Your Walk-In Showers And Bathroom Features!

All across the world, more and more people are choosing to enjoy a safer and increasingly luxurious experience during their bath time. If you’re looking to create a bathroom which  takes full advantage of the latest designs, without increasing the risk of tripping or falling, then our extensive range of walk-in showers could be perfect for you.

As an entirely independent company, we are proud to offer completely impartial advice on every product that we offer. We are dedicated to providing safe and relaxing bathroom designs for our customers. For more information, to arrange a free home survey, or enquire about our mobile showroom paying you a visit, contact us directly on 0800 29 22 110, or use our handy online contact form!

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