So, You’re About To Become A Carer?

by Bathtime Mobility on July 30, 2015 Comments Off on So, You’re About To Become A Carer?

Caring for an older person, or someone with a disability, can be a huge cause of anxiety for most people, particularly if this person is a loved one and you aren’t a professional carer. Being a carer requires more than just time and patience; it also demands understanding, compassion and organisation.

This can be particularly strenuous for those who work full time, and it is important that you consider all the implications before committing yourself fully. There are some things that you can do to reduce the strain that you will be under, however, including making your loved one’s home more suitable for their physical state, which can include hand-holds on the walls, keeping phones within easy reach and installing disabled baths and showers.

Things To Consider When You Become A Carer

  • Look After Yourself – One of the most important, but often overlooked, considerations for a carer is their own health. You’ll find it extremely difficult to provide the kind of support that your loved one requires if you’re tired, stressed or unable to cope with your own life. Remember to take regular breaks and allow yourself some personal time.It is important to remind yourself to eat healthily and regularly to keep your strength up, as well as taking regular exercise and making sure that you take the time to rest and relax as well. Make certain that you fit in at least a couple of hours of ‘Me’ time every single week.You’ll find that you are a much more effective carer when you allow yourself a break and some time to relax.
  • Enlist External Support – If you’re finding it a struggle to provide the necessary amount of care on your own, or you’re unable to leave the person you care for on their own, it might be best to get in touch with your local social services department. They can offer you all kinds of help, from respite care to carer’s support groups and offering counselling to help you avoid associated stress.
  • Make Life Easier – There are a wide range of products and items which can make your caring life that much easier. Few are more effective than the installation of disabled baths or showers to the person’s home. If your loved one lives in a home with multiple floors, then the installation of a stair lift might also be required to facilitate quick and easy access to the upper or lower levels of the home.
  • Don’t Forget That You Have Rights Too – Remember that, as a carer, you have rights as well. When you get in touch with your local social services department, be sure to ask for a carer’s assessment. This can ensure that you get both the practical and financial support to which you are entitled.

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Bathtime MobilitySo, You’re About To Become A Carer?