Update Your Bathroom For Autumn

by Bathtime Mobility on October 27, 2022 No comments

Nobody wants to completely renovate their bathroom every time the seasons change, but there are some great decorating updates you can do to make your home feel more in-tune with the change in weather. 

As autumn approaches, the dark nights creep in on us and the leaves turn golden brown, why not swap brightly coloured towels for ones in warm tones? 

Founder of Audrey Scheck Design Audrey Scheck told Homes And Gardens: “Adding a fall-toned hand towel is an easy way to bring seasonality into a bathroom.”

While those with mobility difficulties can’t add a rug to the flooring for an autumnal feel or adapt lighting fixtures, if it means incorporating switches and lamps they can’t reach, they can certainly decorate with other details.

For instance, having a bouquet of dried flowers adds texture and scent to a bathroom, and will certainly make it feel seasonal. 

Alternatively, having perfumed soaps or candles that have a festive aroma will definitely help the bathroom go from a summery feel to a warm, autumnal one. Consider fragrances in spiced cinnamon, amber and bergamot. 

According to Stylist, olive green is going to be the colour of the season, so incorporating this into your washroom will certainly show you know a thing or two about interior design trends. 

Olive-coloured vases, baskets, bathroom tumblers, soap dishes and dispensers, and towels are a great way of demonstrating knowledge for the latest looks, as well as making your bathroom feel ready for the fall. 

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Bathtime MobilityUpdate Your Bathroom For Autumn