Walk In Baths for the Elderly and Disabled

by Bathtime Mobility on April 18, 2014 Comments Off on Walk In Baths for the Elderly and Disabled

Do you find it difficult to step over the side of your bath? Or find it hard to get back out again when you have finished? If so, then a walk in bath could be exactly what you need. They provide a great way for elderly and disabled people to bathe independently, eliminating all the problems that prevent you from using a traditional bath.

Regain Your Independence With A Walk In Bath

A walk in bath is the same as a normal bath, but has been designed with a few key differences that make them useable by anyone with limited mobility. The main difference is an opening door on one side which provides access in and out the bath, and also its size and shape, which can be anything from tall and thin to long and wide. Here are some other reasons why a walk in bath could help you:

  • Increases Independence – A walk in bath makes safe bathing and hydrotherapy a possibility for many people who are unable to bathe in a normal bath because of a lack of mobility. A door with a low step-in, non-slip floors, safety bars, comfortable seats and better controls combine to allow a much safer bathing experience.
  • Helps Muscles And Joints – Some walk in baths are equipped with air and water jets, which offer two different relaxing techniques. Air jets surround you with tiny bubbles that gently massage your body, while the water jets target specific areas of your body for a deeper massage experience. You can control the flow and frequency of the air and water jets independently to suit your preferences, making them ideal for anyone with arthritis, back pain and other joint or muscle conditions.
  • Improves Circulation – The warm water from a walk in bath improves circulation by opening capillaries near the skin’s surface, helping increase your blood flow. This helps relieve a variety of problems including blood circulation.
  • Provides Versatility – A walk in bath can be equipped with a shower system, turning it into a sit down shower as well as a walk in bath. This gives you more bathing options and can be done easily by simply installing a shower head above the bath.


Walk In Baths from Bathtime Mobility

At Bathtime Mobility we have many different styles of walk in bath, including tall style baths with a seated position, full length walk in baths with doors that provide easy access and many more shapes and sizes, meaning there is the perfect one for you no matter how big your bathroom is or what condition you have.

If you are interested in purchasing a safe and secure walk in bath, or any of the other products, including walk in showers, wet rooms, shower trays and much  more, then contact us on 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityWalk In Baths for the Elderly and Disabled