Why choose Bathtime Mobility for Easy Access Bathrooms

by Bathtime Mobility on April 17, 2014 Comments Off on Why choose Bathtime Mobility for Easy Access Bathrooms

For people with limited mobility, having a bathroom which they can use independently can make a massive difference to their quality of life. Easy access bathrooms have developed considerably over recent years, where they now have great features which make them better and easier to use than ever before. Finding the perfect bathroom solution for you is not always simple, as each one is suited for different levels of mobility and sizes of bathroom.

Bathtime Mobility – Easy Access Bathrooms For The Disabled And Elderly

By speaking to one of our experts here at Bathtime Mobility, you can begin your project with us and get all the information you need to decide which of our options is perfect for you. Once you come to us, we will handle every stage of your project from planning to design, right through to the end result.

Firstly we will take all the time you need to fully understand your requirements so we know what you want, before explaining to you what your options are and how well they will fit into your bathroom and link with your existing plumbing. This includes a free home assessment where we send one of our experts to advise you and answer any of your questions.

This will allow us to tell you which type of bath or shower we recommend for you based on your how much mobility you have. We will advise on any electrical, plumbing, tiling or small buildings works that may be required, and give practical information on whether pumps are required for increased water-flow pressures or for waste purposes on level access and wet room shower solutions.

Once you have decided what you are after, we can help you pick the exact model, ensuring we stick to your budget. Once this is agreed we will deliver your order for free if it’s over £100, and install it for you by our own professional team, not sub-contractors like many other companies use. Once they have completed the installation they will run through a complete demonstration of your new bath or shower so you know exactly how to use it.

Tailored Bathroom Solutions From Bathtime Mobility

We have a huge range of easy access bathrooms which includes power assisted baths, non assisted baths, walk in baths, Shower baths, portable bath lifts, fixed or folding and wall mounted bath lifts, swing arms, grab bars and easy grip, grab rails. With access to disabled toilets, Bio bidets, walk in wet rooms and wet Room trays, wet room formers, shower panels, shower screens, and carer shower enclosures. To see the full list of our products, download our product catalogue through our contact page or call us on 0800 29 22 110 for more information.

Bathtime MobilityWhy choose Bathtime Mobility for Easy Access Bathrooms