Walk-In Baths – Not Just For The Elderly

by Bathtime Mobility on August 4, 2015 Comments Off on Walk-In Baths – Not Just For The Elderly

Caring for anyone with any form of disability can be stressful to say the least. Even the most basic of tasks, which you might have previously taken for granted, can become operations which require thought, effort and even some logistical consideration! Whilst most people are aware of how much easier walk-in baths can be for the bathing of the elderly, few consider their suitability for disabled people, such as adults or children.

Far from a simple bathing solution for the increasingly frail and infirm, these designs of bath also offer a practical option when it comes to caring for your disabled child or partner.

Walk-In Baths For Disabled Children

Whilst bathing a toddler may well be a relatively simple task , as the child continues to mature the action of constantly lifting them out of a bath can not only be physically demanding for the carer, but it can also become increasingly stressful for the child themselves. As the child grows into their teenage years, and then into adulthood, it can actually become a physical impossibility to bathe them yourself and, anyway, they are likely to desire their own independence, without your interference.

By making sure that you choose the right equipment not only will it remove your stress at Bathtime, but can also give your child the freedom that they need. Giving your child control over their own bathing as they continue to grow will hugely increase their self-confidence and give them the opportunity to really relax during their own bathing.

The most appropriate solution will depend on the nature of the user’s mobility issues, as some users may well require a power-assisted bathing solution if they struggle to enter a walk-in bath on their own or with your help.

Often, it is most advisable to introduce additional mobility-focused equipment into your overall bathroom design, to provide stable locations for the bather to lift themselves up into a standing position, or to transfer themselves to their wheelchair. Our bathing solutions are suitable for the completely able-bodied as well, meaning that you needn’t have two separate baths in the one bathroom.

Walk-In Baths For A Range Of Users

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we understand just how difficult it can be to care for a mobility-disabled child, and we are extremely proud that our products can work to make it that much easier to enable your child to enjoy their own bathing experience. With our range of walk-in baths, you can encourage your child’s independence and increase their self-confidence.

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Bathtime MobilityWalk-In Baths – Not Just For The Elderly