Removing The Barriers To Moving Downstairs

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If your mobility, or a loved one’s, is starting to suffer and your home is unsuitable for a stair lift or any other form of ascending mobility aid, then you are faced with a difficult choice. Either you move into a single-floored home, which can be extremely difficult to find, or you turn the lower floor of your existing home into a fully functional living space by itself.

For most elderly people, whom have lived in their home for many years, moving is often the worst thing that they can do, as they will be required to abandon the place in which they have made wonderful memories, and adapt to a completely new environment. The major barrier to moving downstairs, however, is the location of the bathroom, which is typically on the top floor of most homes.

Turning one of your downstairs rooms, or sectioning off an area of an existing room, into a dedicated disabled wet room can greatly increase the functionality of your home as a single-floored living area.

Making The Move Downstairs

There is no doubt that a sacrifice will have to be made in order to bring a bedroom and living space downstairs. One of the most common methods, in fact, is to simply swap the upstairs and downstairs around if there are other members of the household who are likely to be affected. This way, nobody will lose out on a room they have grown accustomed to.

It is likely that specialist equipment will be required, which can include profile beds, and making sure that you utilise clever storage to keep everything which might be required within easy access of the mobility-impaired user. This move can also require that the lower floor be adapted for wheel chair access, which can result in the restructuring of the existing layout and the widening of doorways.

Moving Downstairs, With A Disabled Wet Room

When you move downstairs, it might also be worth making the move from a traditional bathroom into a disabled wet room. Disabled wet rooms are the most accessible designs of showering available, and are fully-waterproofed. They are also equipped with anti-slip flooring and tend to last much longer than a conventional bathing area.

Wet rooms are also known for their usability and for their easy maintenance. Thanks to their open-plan designs, wet rooms also offer complete ease of access and are the easiest to maintain.

The move downstairs can be difficult, but even if you are lucky enough to have a bathroom downstairs already, improving its accessibility by turning it into a disabled wet room can hugely increase the usability of the living space as a whole.

Choose A Simple, Easy To Maintain Disabled Wet Room From Bathtime Mobility

Here at Bathtime Mobility, you can enjoy a completely secure environment for the mobility conscious user. Disabled wet rooms are amongst the easiest secure bathing solutions to maintain, and are an increasingly popular solution for the mobility conscious user.

For more information on the benefits of a disabled wet room, get in touch with our friendly sales team today on 0800 29 22 110 or use our simple online contact form today!

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