Why Are Walk In Showers A Safer Alternative To Regular Showers And Baths?

by Bathtime Mobility on April 30, 2015 Comments Off on Why Are Walk In Showers A Safer Alternative To Regular Showers And Baths?

Whilst bathing and showering is a necessity, it should also be an enjoyable experience. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of any home. This is particularly true if you find getting in and out of the bath or shower increasingly difficult. A Walk in Shower could be the perfect addition to your bathroom, as a safe and stylish alternative to a traditional shower or bath design.

What Makes Easy-Access Showers Safer Than Other Designs?

The bathroom is a dangerous environment, particularly during a bath or shower. Water can make almost any surface slippery, but when all of your weight is placed on one foot, this becomes an extremely deadly combination.

Getting out of the bath or shower has been an issue for many people for a long time, and an increasing number of people are beginning to make the most of walk in alternatives in place of traditional designs. Whether you are physically fit, or impaired, these are the perfect option for anybody who is looking to make their bathroom environment safer.

Walk In Showers are extremely cleverly designed. They mean that you do not need to step over a dangerously high-lipped shower base, or struggle to navigate across the bath’s high walls. They take the most dangerous part of the bathroom away, and replace it with a much lower surface.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a wheel chair or you are a high-jump gold medallist, walk in showers are suitable for anyone and everyone.

With a complete range of much lower-step shower trays (which can be in line with the floor or up to 40mm’s higher), you don’t need to worry about entering or exiting your bath or shower ever again. When combined with inward-folding doors, a walk in shower combines the effectiveness of traditional shower designs with the ease of contemporary innovation – all without sacrificing style!

As an additional safety feature, grab handles and non-slip surfaces can be installed, along with shower seats. Shower seats are often a good choice for older or physically frail users, who may not want to stand for the amount of time it takes to really enjoy the showering experience.

Choose Bathtime Mobility For Your Bathroom Accessibility!

All over the world, more and more people are choosing to enjoy a safer, more relaxed bathing experience. If you are considering adapting your bathroom into a safe environment, then please browse our extensive range of walk in showers at Bathtime Mobility!

As we are a wholly independent company, we can offer completely impartial advice and help you to pick out the perfect bathroom setup for your needs.

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Bathtime MobilityWhy Are Walk In Showers A Safer Alternative To Regular Showers And Baths?