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What to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

by Bathtime Mobility on April 23, 2023 No comments

Bathroom renovations are a great way to modernise, update and increase the value of your home. There is a lot of work involved in remodelling a bathroom and therefore you should take the time to consider all the steps before undergoing any work.

First, work out your budget. As with any home renovation project, the results you are able to achieve will depend on how much you are able to spend. By working out your budget before planning anything else, you can decide which direction your renovation will go.

This also helps you when choosing new fixtures for your bathroom. By giving yourself a budget ahead of time and planning around it, you will give yourself more time to find exactly what you need for the right price.

It is also important to consider the size and layout of your bathroom. This again can impact the overall cost as you may need to consider moving pipes, drains and other plumbing fixtures if you want to rearrange the layout of your bathroom.

This can be costly so ensure you have included the costs of labour and materials for this in your budget to prevent accidentally spending more money than you originally planned.

Once you know where everything will go and how much you are planning to spend, you can then take the time to shop for new fixtures, furniture and additional extras.

Accurately measuring your space will make this a lot easier as you can then look for items that will definitely fit in the room.

The style you choose for your bathroom is entirely your own choice. Many people choose to go for light, airy colours and simplistic furniture in the bathroom to give a clean appearance.

You don’t have to stick to this though, bright and colorful bathrooms or deep-toned, elegant spaces can also be incredibly beautiful. Choosing something which suits your needs both practically and aesthetically is important.

If you need accessible options in the bathroom, it is important to plan around this. Those with mobility issues will need to come up with a layout that supports them best.

There are many different accessible bathroom options out there and choosing the right ones for you will help to ensure you are safe and comfortable when using the bathroom.

Walk-in baths and showers, wet rooms, handrails and non-slip flooring are all fantastic accessible options that can easily be incorporated into the bathroom.

Most of these fixtures can be fitted the same way a regular bathtub or shower is, therefore there is no additional work to be done.

Finally, make sure you have an alternative space to use while your bathroom renovation is happening. Whether this is using a different bathroom in your own home or asking family or friends to use theirs.

Bathroom renovations can take some time to complete, especially if you are rearranging the entire room, so you must find a suitable solution before undergoing any work to ensure you still have access to a bathroom.

Bathtime MobilityWhat to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom