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What Are The Top Five Bathroom Trends To Consider In 2023?

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Homeowners looking to revamp their bathroom next year should take a look at some of the biggest interior design trends for 2023. 

While many might be worried about deviating from classic designs, concerned about the longevity of the style, here are some looks that will look great both next year and beyond.


  • Embrace nature

We can’t get enough of natural materials, wanting to imagine ourselves bathing in a tropical jungle or showering in a pine forest. So instead of finishing your new washroom with clinical tiles, consider using faux wooden ones instead. 

Alternatively, you could fit wood panelling around the room, which creates a spa-like feel and adds an organic touch to the space. 

The Spruce recommends adding wood in cabinets, with interior designer Sarah Cole telling the publication: “Wood offers a warmth and organic element that a painted finish lacks, and it creates a rich and more complex materials palette for a bathroom.”

As well as installing wooden features, embrace the natural trend with plenty of fresh greenery and sage green walls.


  • Heritage styles

Modern bathrooms have led interior design trends over the last few years, but traditional heritage styles are making a return. 

Homebuilding says this look has a “contemporary twist” in 2023.

Darren Allison from BC Designs told the website: “This trend is about how you successfully combine the two styles.”

For instance, you could have Victorian-style taps and shower head but incorporate different-coloured sections of the bathroom, or install shaker-style furniture together with modern light fittings. 


  • Modern gothic

The modern gothic style does, admittedly, take some guts to recreate, but it is set to be one of the hottest looks in 2023. 

To do justice to this trend, consider dark colours for walls or cabinetry, from inky blues and forest greens to deep black. Dramatic wallpapers or tiles, brass taps and handles, black marble with gold veining, and layers of lights also play a big role.


  • Japandi

While not new, Japandi is a trend that will remain hugely popular in 2023, with the combination of Scandinavian and Japanese designs lending itself incredibly well to bathroom suites. 

Bring in elements of both styles for a balanced effect, with soft, Scandi curves set against clean lines and structured Japanese pieces,” Homes And Gardens suggests

Different textures, such as bamboo, wicker, rattan, rugs and wood, look great in this design. These features are also easy to swap, so if you do want to give your bathroom a quick upgrade in a couple of years, this can be easily achieved at little expense.


  • Be brave with pastels

Most people think of pastel-coloured bathrooms as a throwback to the 1980s and ‘90s when everyone had avocado suites. However, the 2023 trend for pastel washrooms is a lot quirkier, brighter, and more fun. 

The trick is not to turn the whole room peach or buy a baby blue suite, but to introduce colour subtly. For instance, you could have a statement vanity unit, coloured furniture, a bold mirror, or rose-pink walls. 

These really liven up a bathroom without causing it to date quickly. 

One trend that isn’t going away is for accessible shower rooms, so if you’re updating your bathroom in 2023, take a look at these easy-access wet rooms. 



Bathtime MobilityWhat Are The Top Five Bathroom Trends To Consider In 2023?