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What Are The Top Five Trends For Bathroom Tiles In 2023?

by Bathtime Mobility on March 13, 2023 No comments

Bathroom tile trends are one of those things you don’t see changing over time, but suddenly you notice everyone’s brightly-coloured square tiles replaced with hexagonal geometric patterns. So, if you don’t want to be left behind when redesigning your bathroom, read on to find out what the latest tile trends are. 

  • Prints

A few years ago, white metro tiles could be found in every household. However, everyone is feeling a bit braver in 2023, opting for murals, prints and patterns instead. 

You could use these tiles to create a feature wall in the bathroom, or to add personality to the space. Choose between tiles of recurring images that fit together to look like a dramatic mural or larger splashback-type walls that create a scene on your bathroom wall. 

  • Earthy colours

Homeowners who want their bathrooms to be more relaxing than dramatic will like the trend for earthy colours. Terracotta, greens and cement shades create a natural look, reminiscent of a spa, and help to make the space feel calming. 

Beige tiles are, therefore, making a return, having been popular in the 2000s. However, gloss, square beige tiles will be swapped for matt, rectangle ones that look more like stone. 

“The warm tones associated with beige will also make their way into trends such as spa bathrooms, giving them a much warmer edge to them. This will be done with warm, honey veining to the marble tiles,” designer Barrie Cutchie told Ideal Home

  • Mix and match tiles

Although it can feel like a bold move to fit two different styles of tiles, this will be one of the biggest looks in bathroom design this year. 

You don’t need to opt for the same shade, shape or pattern either, as having contrasting colours and sizes makes the design more interesting. Homeowners will also mix matt and gloss tiles in 2023, which creates a “smart and striking look”, according to the publication. 

  • Monochrome

Monochrome tiles are making a big comeback this year, with homeowners choosing various styles of black and white for their walls and floors. 

April Gandy told House Beautiful: “A black and white tile bathroom is both classic and bold.”

She advised opting for simple styles for longevity, as ones with busy monochrome patterns are likely to date more quickly. 

Monochrome bathrooms have remained popular over the ages, so you can’t go wrong with this look. Bring yours into 2023 by opting for black taps and showers, hexagonal tiles, and marble-effect shower walls. 

  • Geometric tiles

Homeowners in 2023 aren’t afraid to pick eclectic designs when it comes to bathroom tiles. This is why geometric patterns, whether they have an Art Deco look, a Moorish style or a Victorian-feel, are hugely popular at the moment. 

The good thing is there are so many styles to choose from in a variety of colours, you are bound to find bold tiles that you love for your washroom, from vintage Moroccan patterns to repeated star prints. 

Whether you choose them for your wall or floor, you could contrast them with a more neutral tile for the other, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming on the eye. Alternatively, you could find a complimentary shade in another pattern and have two different prints, one for the wall and one for the floor. 

When planning a disabled bathroom design, it is also important to consider the accessibility of showers and toilets, as well as the style of tiles.

Bathtime MobilityWhat Are The Top Five Trends For Bathroom Tiles In 2023?