What Flooring To Choose For A Disabled Bathroom

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While nobody wants to slip on their bathroom floor, most people don’t have to think about the risk of doing so more than those with restricted mobility. So, if you’re redesigning your washroom, here are some things to consider when choosing your flooring.


  • Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are becoming more and more popular in home bathrooms, as they are not only stain-resistant but also slip-proof. There are many different types to choose between, from marbled-effect tiles to wood-effect tiles, both of which are on trend for bathroom interior designs this year.

Jo Oliver, director at The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse, told Homes And Gardens: ‘’Porcelain tile options have broadened greatly due to technological advances, anti-slip finishes can now be applied to porcelain.”

It was added: “[This is] the perfect choice for those wanting a low maintenance and safe surface, whilst still creating a beautiful natural wood effect.”


  • Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is having a revival, as homeowners realise they can get a luxurious finish and stylish patterns at the fraction of the price of tiles. What’s more, it is easier to fit, which could reduce installation costs.

When it comes to being slippery, vinyl is one of the safest floors to get, and so makes an ideal choice for disabled people.

Creative director at Harvey Maria Lucy Tunstall told the publication: “They are completely waterproof and slip resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms.”


  • Stone

Though you might be worried that stone flooring could be cold beneath your feet when you come out of the shower, their non-slip advantages far outweigh this negative. Natural materials, such as stone, tend not to be glossy or smooth, making them harder to slip on, even when wet.


  • Laminate

Laminate wood flooring did not used to be the obvious choice for a bathroom, but it is these days. Not only does it lend itself to the ‘back to nature’ interior design that is on trend this year, but it is one of the most water-resistant materials.

Homeowners’ new washrooms will be Pinterest-worthy once they are fitted with an oak or herringbone laminate, as wood-effect bathroom floors create the ‘spa’ look that everyone is going for in 2022. Complement the style with large indoor plants, stone-coloured wall tiles and green paint, such as Dulux’s Putting Green.

According to the paint company, green is a top choice for bathroom walls, saying: “Green is the colour of growth and rejuvenation, so it’s perfect for helping you feel enlivened in the morning. However, this shade of nature also evokes peace and serenity for pure relaxation before bed.”


  • Painted floors

If your bathroom has wooden flooring that is still in good condition, but you just want to make it safer, you can always paint the bathroom with an anti-slip aggregate added to the colour.

This will make the room slip-resistant, while also give you the chance to enjoy a newly coloured bathroom floor.


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Bathtime MobilityWhat Flooring To Choose For A Disabled Bathroom