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What To Consider Before Getting A Wet Room

by Bathtime Mobility on November 10, 2022 No comments

One of the most popular options in the world of accessible bath solutions is also one of the most all-encompassing.

These wet rooms have become increasingly popular amongst bathroom designers because they allow for much more creative uses of a bathroom’s space, can help a bathroom look bigger due to the lack of furniture and offer more flexibility when it comes to dividing the space.

This is believed to add value to a home, but it is far from the only benefit. Wet rooms are an inherently more efficient use of a smaller space, they are much easier to clean due to universal waterproofing and offer more accessibility options than a bath or low-recessed shower tray.

At the same time, whilst there are a lot of benefits to setting up a wet room, it is important to note the importance of working with a professional to get it right, as a poorly fitted wet room can cause a greater detrimental impact on a home’s value than a similarly shoddy bathroom.

As a result of this, the necessary bathroom membrane, extra tiling and the need to bring in a specialist can make a wet room expensive to build initially.

As well as this, ensuring that grip mats, and bars are fitted is a much greater priority as in a wet room the entire room tends to get splashed if there is no screen in the way of the shower, meaning that the floor can sometimes be more slippery than a more conventional bathroom.

There are other considerations to make when designing a wet room as well, such as heating.

Whilst there is no problem necessarily with having a heated towel rack or radiator, underfloor heating is a very effective solution, and this can help dry the room quickly after it has been used.

Ventilation is also a greater priority, as the space can cause a considerable amount of condensation, and if this is left unchecked it can cause wallpaper bubbling and ventilation.

Bathtime MobilityWhat To Consider Before Getting A Wet Room