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Disabled Showers FAQs

by Bathtime Mobility on May 29, 2018 No comments
Here we take a look at some of the more regular questions we are asked about our shower installations for elderly and disabled people. Of course, whilst we've tried to answer most of the questions our customers ask when we meet to discuss designing and fitting a disabled showering solution, we may have missed aread more
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Walk-In Shower FAQ’s

by Bathtime Mobility on June 9, 2017 No comments

When people first consider a new walk-in shower for a person with reduced mobility they usually have a lot of questions. Particularly if that person is used to using a bath for many years and is unfamiliar with a shower. An easy to access walk-in shower makes a very good alternative to a bath for

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The Importance Of A Great Morning Routine

by Bathtime Mobility on March 30, 2016 Comments Off on The Importance Of A Great Morning Routine

Having a great morning routine can really help improve your physical and mental well-being throughout the next 24 hours. This can be essential if you suffer from any kind of physical impairment, and help reduce the strain on your body throughout the day.  Establishing a good morning routine can: Support muscle and mental relaxation and lower

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Designing The Perfect Cloakroom Bathroom

by Bathtime Mobility on March 23, 2016 Comments Off on Designing The Perfect Cloakroom Bathroom

Whether you’re looking for convenience or simply attempting to make the most out of limited available space, a cloakroom bathroom could be the perfect option for you. These bathrooms are absolutely ideal when it comes to maximising small spaces, such as under staircases or in refurbished walk-in cupboards. Whilst these rooms can prove a bit

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