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The advent of modern disabled access bathing means that anyone, no matter their physical limitations, should be able to enjoy a relaxing wash. Whether this is by installing a walk in bath shower combo, or updating to a wet room, there are more options available for disabled people and their bathrooms than ever before.


The history of baths goes all the way back to ancient civilisations. The way we wash can be tracked alongside our own evolution, from primitive peoples washing themselves in rivers and oceans to the first public baths over 4000 years ago.


Archaeologists discovered the Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro in Sindh, Pakistan which dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, one of the three oldest civilisations on record alongside ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This particular find is estimated to date from somewhere between 3000 and 2000 BC.


In ancient Egypt much emphasis was placed on rituals of cleanliness such as bathing as, not only was the climate especially humid, but the cleaner one was the closer one was seen as being to the gods.


It was the ancient Egyptians who first pioneered the use of hot tubs. Using caldera, or volcanic hollows as the tub, the ancient Egyptians used to place hot stones in the water in order to achieve the vitalising heat and steam which we today enjoy through the use of electronic jets and bubbles.


Those in positions of wealth and power in ancient Egypt had rudimentary shower arrangements by having servants simply pour water over their heads. In ancient Greece, however, the first recorded use of piping to create the first primitive showers has been keenly noted by archaeologists.


Then, of course, there are the Romans. In popular culture and in historical depictions the ancient Roman bathhouse has become an iconic feature of the period. Indeed during this time in history the Romans treated their bathing facilities as a kind of social club, where citizens could relax and conduct business while enjoying relaxation.


In the baths of the time we can see principle features of ancient Roman society. For one thing the great bathing facilities were open to all, both rich and poor, as early ideas of democracy were experimented with. Additionally, many bathhouses were grand monuments to ancient design, today compared by archaeologists to the pyramids and temples of Egypt and Greece.


Today we still have access to the kinds of social bathhouses which were pioneered in ancient times. We also have come a long way when it comes to updating and upgrading bathing facilities in order for everyone to be able to enjoy them. Many hotels in the UK now offer disabled access bathing facilities.


If you are interested in finding just the right fit for your needs when it comes to accessible bathing, visit Bathtime Mobility today. We take pride in offering a personal and professional service and our ethos is a commitment to equality in bathing for all. It might not have the grandeur of ancient Rome, but we can give you exactly what you need.