Designing An Accessible Bathroom

by Bathtime Mobility on June 28, 2022 No comments

Being able to safely access your bathroom in your own home is a very important step in maintaining hygiene, specifically for those who may struggle with mobility issues. Many bathrooms include all the basics, but having these essentials readily accessible makes for much easier access. 

Layout is everything when designing an accessible bathroom. You may have all the features you need, but if you find out after installation that the door is placed incorrectly or the shower handle is too far away to reach, it’s back to square one.

Looking closely at the space you have and designing your bathroom around pre-existing features ensures you get the most out of your bathroom and minimises accessibility issues later down the line. This also gives you the opportunity to explore a wide range of options and decide whether or not they are suitable for your needs and your home. 

Have you ever considered a disabled wet room? Wet rooms are entirely waterproof and remove the need for a separate shower or bath, making entry and exit of your bathing area far easier. Although, as convenient wet rooms are, they are not suitable for everyone as some may find the wet floor to be hazardous. Pay mind to all options when considering if a wet room is right for you. 

Figuring out your specific needs should be a main priority. For example, if you require a bathtub in order to wash, it would be counterproductive to consider an accessible shower and vice versa.  Making sure you know exactly what products you need before you begin planning ensures the process goes a lot quicker and means you won’t overlook anything important. 

If you don’t require a full bathroom renovation, adding simple accessible additions to your existing space may be the right choice for you. Installing shower safe seating, additional handles and steps improves your safety without the need to start from scratch. 

Bathtime MobilityDesigning An Accessible Bathroom