A Guide To Shower Chairs

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For those suffering with mobility needs, disabled showers can supply some much needed relief and freedom come bath time. For extra comfort, many people find that their bathing time can be further enhanced with the addition of a shower chair.


What Are Shower Chairs And How Can They Improve Disabled Showers?

A shower chair is exactly what it sounds like; a chair for showers designed for extra balance and comfort by removing the need for the user to stand. As such, each shower chair will be made from non-corrosive, waterproof materials for added durability.

Each chair will range in its application. Some are simple chairs that are placed in disabled showers for people who may suffer from ailments such as fatigue or balance-issues. Others are more specialised and mobile. These offer total support for users with more sever mobility restrictions.

What Should I Look For In A Shower Chair?

There are a number of important features that should be taken into account when selecting the right shower chair for your needs:

•    Stability – The chair needs to be stable. Check to ensure it has non-slip ferrules or lockable castor wheels.

•    Fit and Comfort – One of the main points of a chair for disabled showers is comfort. If your chair doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be comfortable! Ensure you test out the width, height and depth so it suits you or a loved one. Adjustable shower chairs are available. Also, be sure to check for extra comfort options like an ergonomic design or waterproof cushions.

•    Fast Draining – You don’t want water to sit on your chair as it may cause long term damage or pose a slipping risk. Make sure the model you choose allows fast draining of water to aid drying.

•    Security – If you require more security options then footrests, headrests, armrests and lap belts are all available.

•    Transfer Ease – You don’t want an item that has been designed to improve your comfort at bath time to be hard to get in and out of. Detachable armrests can make transferring easier, as can swing away footrests.

•    Ease of Cleaning – Showers and bathrooms are ideal bacteria breeding grounds. Look for a chair that can be easily cleaned using every day, anti-bacterial bathroom cleaning products.

•    Tilting Ability – Some mobile chairs offer tilting. This allows the user to adopt a more workable bathing position as well as providing a stable platform when showering.

•     Strength – As with any chair, you don’t want your shower version breaking underneath you! Be sure to check the chair’s maximum weight capacity.

If you take all these points into account, you’re sure to find the right chair for your disabled shower.


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