The Key Essentials You Need To Know About Baths With Doors

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Bath tubs can be difficult and dangerous to climb into for bathers with limited mobility, which is why baths with doors are essential to many disabled bathrooms. Walk-in baths enable people with physical disabilities to maintain their independence and privacy in the bathroom. At Bathtime Mobility, we have a collection of different types of walk-in baths to suit all needs.

All You Need To Know About Baths With Doors

To know for sure whether baths with doors are the right solution for your bathroom there are some things which should be considered. The only way a walk-in bath will help you is if it fits all your needs, which is why we’ve provided this guide on everything you need to know about these essential bathroom features.

How Can They Help? – Walk-in baths are safer and easier to enter than conventional units. Instead of climbing over an entire side, the user opens the door and steps over a small threshold which can be as low as four inches high. As long as whoever is using it can achieve this and has the arm strength to use the door then a walk-in bath is perfect. Being able to access your own bath tub will enable you to bathe comfortably, confidently and independently.

Safety – Standard baths increase the chances of an accident, particularly for those with limited mobility. Users could slip or even catch their leg on the side which could lead to a serious injury. If you fall in the bath, it’s then even more difficult to get out. With a walk-in bath users can enter and exit hassle free. On most models of walk-in bath the door opens inwards, but some are available with an outwards opening door. All of the door seals are guaranteed to remain water tight for many years.

Types – To cater for all needs a large variety of walk-in baths have been developed over the years. There are full length baths for anyone who needs easy access to a bath comfortable enough to lie down in. We also have full length, P shaped shower-baths with walk-in doors. Short length baths with seats are available for those who don’t possess the strength to pull themselves up from the laying down position. Our range includes baths with lifting seats, like The Aventis, which has a powered seat to gently lift and lower users in and out of the water.

Installation – We offer a free assessment and installation survey to offer impartial advice on products. Once you have decided to proceed with any mobility bathing installations based on our plans, we can order the products and when they arrive we will set a commencement date. Our installers arrive promptly and will discuss the installation details before the process begins. Your access to toilet and bathroom facilities can be accommodated around the installation and we will dispose of any waste.

Come See The Range Of Baths With Doors At Bathtime Mobility

To find the perfect accessible bath for you, come down to our showroom to see our range of baths with doors or call us on 0800 22 29 110.

Bathtime MobilityThe Key Essentials You Need To Know About Baths With Doors