The Importance of Accessible Baths and Showers

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For people who have difficulty with mobility, being able to use their bathroom can often make all the difference to whether they can live independently. Accessible baths and showers have evolved over recent years with designer bathrooms now available that include clever features which make them much better and easier to use than ever before.


How Can an Accessible Bath Or Shower Help Me?

If you find it more difficult than you would like when you go through your normal bathing routine, then an accessible bath or shower might be the perfect solution. You can’t put a price on independence, which is why many people are realising the benefits that improving their bathroom can bring to them, providing them with a better quality of life through simple renovations. Finding which is suited to you will depend on your level of mobility and your type of bathroom; most options have models that fit into any sized room.

  • Often the best solution is a wet room or walk-in shower. These can be fitted into almost any bathroom and are very popular because they can be used by anyone, as they are not specifically designed for mobility use. Although not always an option for people with little or no mobility, they are a great option for those who don’t want to change their bathroom too dramatically or affect its use for everyone else.

  • Although slightly more difficult to enter and exit, a walk-in bath with a door is far easier and safer to enter than a conventional bath. Instead of having to step over one side, the user only needs enough use of their legs to step over a gap that is usually around 4 inches high and sufficient use of their arms to open and close a very light door.

  • Walk-in baths are available in a many different variations, depending on your requirements, with many having a seated position inside the bath. They come in both small and large sizes, so are able to accommodate any sized bathroom. The main disadvantage of this type of bath is that it can often only be filled up once the user is inside and in position, meaning the user must usually wait for the water to drain away before they can exit.

  • Similar to a wet room, but more adapted for limited mobility use is an easy access shower. These have lower side panels of about 3 foot instead of large glass sides with a heavy glass door. They are suitable for wheelchair users as they have the easiest access, but do require more space than a walk-in shower.


Bathtime Mobility – Experts In Accessible Baths And Showers

Bath Time Mobility has a variety of accessible baths and showers that can provide an option for any elderly or disabled people who feel they need more access in their bathroom. Come and visit our showroom in Henley on Thames where we have a large number of walk in baths and showers on display, or contact us on our Freephone number 0800 29 22 110.

Bathtime MobilityThe Importance of Accessible Baths and Showers