Consider These Points Whilst Searching For Your Perfect Bath Lifts

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Finding an absolute perfect bath Lift is necessary in creating a safe, relaxing environment out of your bathroom which suits your personal needs and tastes. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of the home, particularly for elderly people or those with affected mobility. As a result, ensuring that you make it as safe and accessible as possible is a necessity.

Bath lifts help their users to maintain their independence, and have been essential in avoiding injury and encouraging a greater sense of personal dignity for thousands of elderly people for years.

Consider The Overall Benefits Of A Bath Lifts

Lifts for baths work by slowly lowering the user into the bath and, when they are finished with the bath, raising them again. The user can easily be lowered into, and raised out of, a full tub which reduces the waiting time of a walk-in bath, and has drastically reduced the number of injuries sustained from slips and falls.

A bath lift also enables a greater sense of privacy, as no additional help is normally needed to enter and exit the bathtub, which also helps to improve the user’s independence.

Bath Lift Movement

Bath lifts can be operated in two ways, either through the use of air pressure or through an attached motor. Whilst both methods are suitable, they do have differences and, as such, are better suited to different users and their needs.

  • Motorised Bath Lifts – These styles of lift are generally a better option if the user has problems with their balance. This is because they provide a steadier movement than the air-pressure alternative.
  • Air Pressure Bath Lifts – Air pressure bath lifts allow the user to reach the bottom of the bath and enable you to have a greater percentage of your body under the water. Air pressure models also require a little more mobility than motorised alternatives, as the user needs to raise themselves from the bath lift a little to allow the movement.

The Bath Lift Support

There is a wide range of seats available for bath lifts and the one which will suit you the best depends on the degree of support that you require.

Lifts can be chosen which are, essentially, a full seat; complete with a backrest and a contoured unit. These full seats provide a more comfortable option and give more support to stop the user from slipping when partially submerged. On the downside, full seat bath lifts tend to cause less of the user to be submerged and can take up quite a bit of space in the bath tub.

If you don’t require that much support, a simpler belt bath lift can enable you to submerge more of your body and don’t take up anywhere near as much room as the full-seat alternative.

Operating The Bath Lift

Bath lifts are simple to use, their controllers using large and easy to see buttons for people with arthritis or poor-eyesight. Many modern bath lifts come with a separate hand-control which is water-proof and, if dropped, will simply float on the surface of the bath itself.

Deciding On Your Ideal Bath Lifts Is Easy With Bathtime Mobility

Picking out your perfect bath lift is an important component when creating your ideal bathroom, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck with a model that doesn’t completely suit your needs.

For more information, or advice on how to pick out the ideal bath lifts, contact Bathroom Mobility on 0800 292 2110, and arrange a viewing for our wide range of walk-in baths and bathroom safety features located in Henley on Thames, or visit our website!

Bathtime MobilityConsider These Points Whilst Searching For Your Perfect Bath Lifts