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Disabled Housing Expert Wins Lake District House Worth £2.5 Million

by Bathtime Mobility on February 6, 2023 No comments

A man who spent his career helping people with disabilities get homes designed or adjusted for their needs should have few problems with his own mobility restrictions after winning a stunning new home in a raffle.

Grant Carson, aged 58, won a raffle for a £2.5 million luxury property in the Lake District, which has five bedrooms and sits on eight acres of land. 

Mr Carson spent 27 years of his working life in Glasgow with a charity that helped disabled people in areas such as employment and in making houses accessible. 

As such Mr Carson will know as well as anyone the importance of easy access baths, something he can benefit from himself as an arthritis sufferer, since images of the property show a very spacious bathroom that will be easy to get around.

Currently living in a three-bedroom property in Glasgow, the widower said his plans will initially involve living in the home and possibly getting a dog, although he may rent it out in future.

Critically, having retired from the charity to act as a freelance consultant for disabled people and their housing, Mr Carson is now in a better financial position to move forward. He remarked: ”This win has given me a financial security I’d never dreamed of, which means I can focus on my new venture helping organisations to meet the needs of disabled customers, with a lot less pressure.”

This means that not only will have a great bathroom for his own use, but could see his work flourish more readily as he helps others to attain the facilities they need to maintain dignity at home. 

Some of those needing help may be Lake District residents, where the rural nature of the area and small size of its towns and villages means appropriately-equipped homes may sometimes be in short supply.

However, recent years have seen the national park enhance some facilities for the disabled. A good example has been the reconstruction of the footpath along the former railway line between Keswick and Threlkeld after it was damaged by Storm Desmond, with this now being made wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.



Bathtime MobilityDisabled Housing Expert Wins Lake District House Worth £2.5 Million