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How To Choose The Best Shower Tray For Your Mobility Needs

by Bathtime Mobility on February 10, 2023 No comments

One of the things you’ll need to give some consideration to when redesigning your bathroom to make it easily accessible is your shower tray. This might not have been something you spent much time thinking about previously, but when updating your washroom for someone with mobility issues, it is imperative this is not overlooked. 

There are four types of shower tray you could opt for – step-in showers, low-level showers, level-access showers, and wet rooms. Which one you choose will depend on the current ability of the user, future needs, and budget. 

If finances are tight, step-in showers are the cheapest and easiest of the installations as they are fitted on the existing bathroom floor. However, they are only suitable for people who do not have major mobility challenges, as they require the user to step up into the shower, as the name suggests. 

Low-level showers also necessitate users to step slightly into and out of the shower, though the lip of the shower tray is lower. These are suitable for ambulant users who can manage small steps and whose condition is unlikely to worsen drastically in the future. They can also be used by those in wheelchairs, as ramps are available that enable access into the shower. 

Level-access showers are fitted on the same level as the bathroom floor, which means they can be more expensive. Despite this, they offer a more long-term solution, as they will still be useful should mobility deteriorate. Wheelchairs users can also access them, so is a good option for more disabled people. 

Wet rooms are another good choice for those with more severe mobility problems, as there is no differentiation between the bottom of the shower and the rest of the bathroom floor. Installing a wet room is the most expensive option, as the washroom needs to be watertight to prevent damage to the walls or floors, but it provides easiest access to showering. 

If you aren’t sure of your options when redesigning your bathroom, call us today to find out more about accessible showers in the UK.



Bathtime MobilityHow To Choose The Best Shower Tray For Your Mobility Needs