Everything You Need To Know About Bath Lifts

by Bathtime Mobility on March 26, 2015 Comments Off on Everything You Need To Know About Bath Lifts

Picking bath lifts is an important decision to make and getting it right is imperative in terms of finding a solution that’s perfect for your needs. Using the bath is a necessity for all sorts of people so getting the choice right has a big impact on your life.

Why Do You Need To Get It Right?

You need to make an informed decision for a variety of important reasons. Bath lifts will cost money and that is valuable to you. So getting it right first time is desirable. It should be thought of as an investment rather than an outlay, as having one will enable you to enjoy the relaxing and soothing benefits offered to tired joints and limbs without the agony of having to clamber out of the bath without assistance.

You also need to look at the dimensions of your bath and layout of your bathroom to decide what bath lift is plausible for you to have. You need to make sure the bath lift is able to lift you to the rim of the tub.

What Type Of Bath Lifts Are Available?

There are three types of bath lifts available on the market. These are: manual bath lifts, battery bath lifts and inflatable bath lifts.

  • Manual bath lifts obviously don’t require charging so their main benefit is they’re always available to use. They use a hydraulic piston to lower you into the bath and have four locking stages. You release the lever and shift your weight to enable you to get out of the bath.
  • Battery bath lifts require charging but not every day as, on average, you get 7-12 lifts per charge. The battery is 100% safe and therefore there is no danger. The remote control for the lift also enables an easy to use no fuss process.
  • The inflatable bath lifts are also an option to use as they are easy to stow away from in the tub as they are comparably very light. You are raised and lowered by the use of a compressor. They also deflate as you are lowered in to the bath so there is only a deflated cushion between you and the bath floor.

Considerations When Choosing The Perfect Bath Lift

There are certain specification you should consider when choosing your Bath lift.

  • Make sure you check the height of the bath to guarantee the bath lift will lift you to the top of your tub for optimal use of the lift.
  • Ensure you know what the maximum weight capacity of the bath lift is so as to make sure it is suitable for you and anyone else you may have using it.
  • Some Bath lifts come with suction cups and have around 4-6 on them. You need to make sure the suction cups will work on the material your bath is made out of as they are what stabilise the bath lifts when they are in motion.

So to ensure you can have the relaxing soothing benefits of a bath in a dignified way without agony or hassle choose a bath lift from our fabulous product range and bathe easy. Please call 0800 29 22 110 or visit our showroom in Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire for one of the most important decisions you will make.

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