Reducing The Risk Of Trips And Falls For The Elderly

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We all want to make sure that our elderly family members are kept safe, particularly in their own homes. We also want to make sure that they can remain independent and free to do as they like for as long as we can. Reducing the in-house risk of tripping or falling is the first step when it comes to improving the safety of a home.

Most trips or falls for elderly people occur in the bathroom, where the combination of slippery surfaces, water and often high-lips on baths and showers can create an extremely dangerous environment. Introducing disabled shower trays into the home is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of trips or falls in the home.

The Dangers Of Tripping Or Falling

Adults aged 55 or more are more likely to become the victims of slips and falls, which are also more likely to result in serious injuries which can diminish their ability to lead active, independent lives. Falls can be avoided, however, which can increase the likelihood of your loved one being able to lead an independent lifestyle for longer.

As they get older, many people begin to suffer problems with their balance, which can contribute to slips and falls. Although rarely commented on, even typically invisible disabilities like diabetes can drastically affect the person’s balance.

Despite these illnesses contributing to a poor sense of balance, the majority of falls can still be avoided through careful home planning and regular exercise. Making certain that the home is kept clean and that features like disabled shower trays are introduced can be fantastic ways of reducing the risks of falling.

Safety Measures To Prevent Falls And Slips

If you want your loved one to enjoy their independence for as long as possible, then you need to make sure that their environment is safe for them to move around. If your elderly friend or relative suffers from illnesses which are drastically reducing their sense of balance, make sure that they talk to a doctor who might be able to prescribe medication to counter these issues.

Making certain that the elderly person takes regular exercise, to keep their muscles strong and improve their co-ordination is also important, but the most effective means of reducing the risks of falling revolve around the installation of useful features such as disabled shower trays, walk-in baths or grab bars in strategic places around the home.

Disabled Shower Trays Reduce The Risk Of Falling for The Elderly

Here at Bathtime Mobility, we offer a wide range of products which can dramatically decrease the likelihood of your elderly relative or friend suffering a trip or fall. To improve the security of one of the most dangerous areas of your home, and ensure that your loved one can maintain their confidence in their own home, get in touch with Bathtime Mobility.

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Bathtime MobilityReducing The Risk Of Trips And Falls For The Elderly