The Best Plants For Bathrooms

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A very popular trend for bathrooms in recent years is to incorporate vibrant leafy green foliage into a room, which can not only provide a boost to a room’s aesthetic but the well-being of the people in them.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, indoor plants have been connected with reduced stress levels, an improvement in mood and increased pain tolerance, albeit the latter has only been shown in hospital settings.

Interestingly, the one room where plants thrive best is alongside the accessible bath solutions in the bathroom, in no small part due to the humidity levels ensuring that they never feel dehydrated and thus tend to be fairly low maintenance.

At the same time, bathrooms tend to rapidly change temperature during the day and the more people live in a house the more frequent these variations will become.

As a result, the best choices of plants to go for are ones that are unbothered by different temperatures and humidity levels or tropical plants that thrive on the humidity.

This is why, despite being a suitable and hardy plant in any other room, a cactus or succulent is not the best choice for a bathroom.

Choosing the right plants can give your room a boost, and with that in mind, here are some of the best plants for your bathroom.


Snake Plant

The ideal plant for people with busy lives, snake plants are practically invincible to the point that they need almost no watering. They can simply be placed in a room and their stark, hardy leaves will immediately make an impact.

They also have the ability to purify the air around them, which can help keep a bathroom feeling fresh.


Peace Lily

With its deep green leaves and beautiful white flowers, the peace lily loves humid conditions, and the mist that emanates after a bath or shower means that you will not need to spray it with water as much as you would if it was elsewhere in the home.

If your bathroom is used frequently enough to keep the temperature warm, the peace lily is a perfect addition that also helps purify the air.

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