Top Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

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Whilst a bathroom is an inherently functional part of the house with upgrades often intended to make it more functional or to add accessible bath solutions, it is also the part of the house with the greatest flexibility when it comes to design, colour schemes and little added touches.

Because a lot of the furniture of a bathroom is relatively fixed, changing small details can make all the difference, so if you want to have a radically different-looking bathroom on a tiny budget, here are some top tips to make a bathroom feel more comfortable and more stylish.


Use Your Towels As An Accessory

If you want to add a splash of extra colour, one of the most affordable accessories is also one of the simplest.

Buy a set of towels, fold them and leave them in a neat pile, or hang them on the towel rack to add an extra accent to the room without having to spend a lot of extra money to accomplish it.


Neutral Sinks, Bright Accessories

Contrast is one of the most effective ways to add style and definition to a room, but you do not need to spend a lot of money to take full advantage of it.

If you fit in the majority and have a cream, off-white or white sink, bath or shower, then adding accessories that pop, by contrast, are highly effective.

Bright soap dispensers can immediately draw the eye and create brightness through contrast; because there is otherwise very little colour, what is there immediately is given a watcher’s full attention.


Hang A New Shower Curtain

One trick you commonly see in living rooms to add an adjustable accent wall is to have neutrally coloured walls but a bright, patterned curtain and this trick works just as well if you have a shower curtain rail instead of a glass partition.

Whilst you can get specially waterproofed shower curtain material, the best results come from a paring of plastic shower liners and fabric panels to ensure that splatters are minimised as much as possible.


A Lick Of Paint

As with most other rooms in the house, a new coat of paint can seriously transform a bathroom, at least in parts of the room not already covered with tiles.

Due to how much moisture and humidity there is in a bathroom, you will need to ensure you have a pot of paint that is designed with a bathroom in mind, typically protecting from mould, mildew and damp.

Paint can be used in many different ways to freshen up a room, especially if you have wooden furniture such as towel shelves, vanities, drawers and medicine cabinets that could be easily refreshed with a new coat of paint.


Add Greenery

Adding plants to nearly any room gives it a burst of life, and in many bathrooms dominated by neutral shades, the verdant greens add texture, colour and vibrancy of plants can make an immediate impact, whether this takes the form of windowsill pots or a vase of bright flowers.

As well as this, plants love the humid conditions and so there’s less of a chance of them becoming dehydrated.

Bathtime MobilityTop Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget