The Most Unorthodox Luxury Bathroom Trends

by Bathtime Mobility on December 20, 2022 No comments

Bathrooms give creative designers quite a lot of scope to work with, in part because they impart far more restrictions and requirements than other rooms in the house, which often leads to a very different design approach.

Unlike bedrooms, where the only design restriction is the need to fit a bed, or living areas that can be configured essentially however a designer likes, a bathroom is restricted by the need to design around piping and ensure that there is enough space for sinks, basins, showers and accessible bath solutions.

Bathrooms are also often innately humid and filled with water, so any design concept needs to keep those considerations in mind.

However, with restrictions comes opportunities for creativity, and so by contrast many designers in recent years have not only embraced the design challenges that come with bathrooms but taken their lateral creative concepts to new heights.

Many of these involve adding luxury features to create the spa-like aesthetic often found at luxury hotels.

These include metallic trims, the use of polished natural stone materials such as marble, creative use of lighting, and statement features such as mirrors, sinks and shower blocks.

Another somewhat strange aspect is the increased incorporation of nature in a room that typically was not the most hospitable to plants.

The issue was not necessarily the humidity or the heat but instead the inconsistent conditions. Bathrooms oscillate from exceptionally warm and moist to a dry, cold space within a very short space of time, requiring plants to thrive in any environment in order to make their home there.

However, the greenery creates a striking natural look that is often contrasted by the use of tiles or stone textures.

Alongside this, there is a revival of elements of Art Deco and Neo-Industrialism, particularly in the use of exposed pipes and metallic accents, such as brass handles, taps and mirror frames.


Bathtime MobilityThe Most Unorthodox Luxury Bathroom Trends