Bathroom Design Trends To Expect In The New Year

by Bathtime Mobility on December 22, 2022 No comments

On the exceptionally busy cusp between the festive Christmas season and the new year, people are looking forward to a new year and the transformative qualities it can provide through accessible bath solutions and refreshing new designs.

To that end, here are some of the bathroom design trends that are expected to become popular in the next year for a room that is often seen as a sanctuary of solitude in the home.


  • The Rise Of The Bold Tile

The days of the all-white bathroom are numbered, with one of the biggest trends expected in the new year is the use of bright, bold colours and textures to create a focal point to draw your eyes compared to the previous seas of white tiles.

This is not necessarily a new idea, with the accent wall a supremely popular way to add colour to otherwise neutral and minimalist interior design, but it is telling that this is also likely to appear in our bathrooms as well.


  • A Return To Nature

Over the last year, the Japandi style has been the next evolution in minimalist interior design, with the combination of cosiness, clear lines and a reliance on natural textures such as untreated wood and natural stone.

There have already been some bathrooms that have trended towards this look, and it is expected to continue to expand into the new year with the reintroduction of plants and other natural decorations in the bathroom.


  • A Return To Brass

One of the most standout metal shades seen in the 1920s and the ambitious Art Deco styles that endured through the decade was brass, and a century later in a very different roaring twenties, we are seeing the return of unlacquered brass.

It works exceptionally well in neutral bathrooms and complements a wide range of bolder colours as well.




Bathtime MobilityBathroom Design Trends To Expect In The New Year