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by Bathtime Mobility on December 25, 2022 No comments

A bathroom is not like any other room in the house, as it inherently relies more on functionality, practicality and accessible bath solutions. Working within these limitations can often be a platform for more experimental design ideas that you would not see in any other room.

More than this, however, a bathroom is a sanctuary for many people. It is a room that is solitudinous; it allows us a moment to be alone, gather our thoughts and prepare ourselves for anything that is ahead of us. It is appropriate that a washroom is also a place we clean our minds.

With that in mind, here are three resolutions you can achieve to make your bathroom more peaceful.


  • Declutter Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often places where we accumulate toiletries, and one resolution should be to take the bottles, tubes and products that are either practically empty or haven’t been touched for a long time and clear them out.

Take a day or half a day to get rid of anything you do not need, and ensure your items are organised in a way that makes them easily accessible when you do. Taking that time now will save you considerable stress later.


  • Add A Splash Of Green

There are many beautiful, robust plants that can survive and thrive in the varied conditions a bathroom can provide. Plants such as bamboo and aloe vera, which can survive almost any environment, create an inherently soothing and calming environment, cutting through any sterility.


  • Make Time For You

Less of an organisational tip and more of a personal one, it can always be tempting to try and multitask whenever we are in the bathroom, taking care of business, listening to important information and catching up on emails whilst we are in the bathroom.

Instead. Leave aside all external distractions, stop looking at the clock and focus on yourself and your relaxation. Take your time and soothe yourself.




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